SuperSecret: Kids Virtual World - Archived

SuperSecret is a virtual world that explores the concept of aging virtually. As adults we worry about getting older and reminisce about our youth, but for kids that next birthday can’t come soon enough. SuperSecret tackles this issue head on by allowing avatars to grow and age at an accelerated rate based on their activity play. The rules are quite simple, different activities reward you with Age Points and you must collect the required amount to become one year older and access new features.

The world is targeted at tweens aged 10 and up, so everyone begins his or her virtual life as a 10 year old independent of your real age. When you reach age 11 you get a dorm room to furnish, throw parties and invite friends, then at 12 you’re ready for a roommate and the responsibility of looking after a pet. Turning into a teenager at 13 will make your avatar grow taller, but to age past 13 you have to sign up for a paid membership subscription. New areas are then accessible by 14 and 15 year olds can get interest on their savings from the SuperSecret bank. Finally, at 16, you can get your drivers license, can buy a car and decide whether you would like to head off traveling.

Aging requires dedication on behalf of the user, thousands of points must be earned to level up, so this can be tough if you’re not an active member. You can earn points in three ways; playing games, helping special characters with secret searches and finding hidden objects throughout the world.

There are over 90 games to choose from categorized into Puzzle, Action and SuperAction games. Each game rewards users with Age Points and the virtual currency Spenders which can be redeemed in virtual shops. Players can buy furniture for their dorm, costumes, pets and supplies, gifts and flowers, food and sneak attacks, which are just fun activity items such as spray painting and throwing cream pies at players.

Other features include a Secret Planner for organizing parties and a mobile phone for text chatting with friends. Parents may request their child’s account be placed into Safe Chat mode using pre-written messages and emoticons, or use SuperChat where messages are filtered for inappropriate wording. The world is free to play until your avatar turns 12 years, then membership costs $6.95 per month or a current special offer of $29.95 a year.