Musical Virtual Worlds - Archived

Most songs in today’s music charts are released with intensive digital production using computer technology. Sound engineers fix croaky voices and missed drumbeats, and artists use synthesisers to create melodic and electronic sounds. Learning music production, composition and theory can have serious educational and developmental benefits. It has been widely reported that early musical training helps develop language, reasoning and spatial intelligence skills. Spatial intelligence is the type of thinking that is highly important for everything from math problems to knowing which classroom to go to.

However, buying a musical instrument can be a big investment, especially if after 3 months it is left in the back of the spare room closet. Virtual worlds can bridge the gap between learning about music and investing in instruments and tuition. They can also help improve music learning for those kids that are already musically orientated.

Many kids are also interested in the business aspects of the music industry such as running a band and managing artists. Virtual worlds can also provide an outlet for these kids, and recently there have been some great additions to the line up of kids virtual worlds that focus specifically on music.

QuaverMusic is a music themed world that teaches kids about music theory, musical instruments, music history and music styles. The site gives kids the opportunity to play music themed games with other kids. They can earn medals and trophies, and in-world contests keep them interested in learning about music. Educationalists and music teachers have developed this virtual world, with programs for elementary schools, homeschoolers, general teachers and parents.

Franktown Rocks is music themed virtual world, which teaches kids how to read and play musical instruments by providing video tutorials and virtual instruments. They can play virtual guitars, drums and keyboards and listen to music while exploring the town. They can also learn about money management and finance through accumulating virtual money in the world. All the music is age appropriate with popular songs from current singers and bands.