Stop Motion Animation Kits

9 Stop Motion Animation Kits for Making Fun Movies

Do your kids or students love taking photos and making mini movies on their smartphones and iPads?

Stop motion animation kits are a great way to encourage kids to get creative and introduce story design, script writing and technical skills as a hobby. Stop motion toys can unleash a child’s desire to become a director, screenwriter or just encourage imaginative play.

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There are various types of stop motion animation kits on the market today, so you can find what type and level of play will fit your kids needs. Simple play kits include everything for making toy animations and allow kids to use a simple app to take photos and make little fun films.

If your child is more into stop motion, then there are more in depth stop motion animation kits out there for them. These kits will include a higher resolution camera, software for editing and books or manuals to help encourage more out of the box ideas for movies.

Check out these exciting stop motion kits below and get your kid in the directors chair.

Best Stop Motion Animation Kits

Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio

Bring your favorite game to life with the Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio. Like many stop motion animation kits, this set comes with everything you need to start creating movies, just bring your own tablet. Included are four mini Minecraft figures, one movie stage, four backgrounds, a stand for your device and a variety of props to place on the stage or use for action shots. Just download the free associated app and you can get started.


Who says stick figures aren’t cool? This neat StickBot for kids lets you control and move various stick figures around to create fun scenes or a mini movie. This set comes with two prop boxes, a tripod for holding your phone steady and three stick figures. To make your own movies simply download the app and and start shooting on your smartphone or tablet.

HUE Animations Studio

Let your kids create their own stop animation movies with their favorite toys or create new friends with clay. The HUE Animations Studio comes with a HUE HD camera that has a sturdy base and USB cable for power. Also included is HUE Animation software for your computer and the HUE Book of Animation to learn more about stop motion. The camera also records sound so you can add music or voice to your videos.

Crayola Color Alive

Create and move your own zombie, superhero, monster or choose from many other characters. Crayola Color Alive comes with a mannequin, a stand, a thirty page design booklet, twelve twistable color pencils and a device stand for your tablet. To play, simply choose your character, color and design him anyway you want then scan in the design to the app on your tablet. From there you then turn the camera on the mannequin, and make him move with step by step stop motion moves.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Build your own personal movie machine and then design and draw a movie scene to watch. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine is a easy to follow step by step build kit that lets you build a spinning stop motion wheel. The pieces snap together easily and hold steady while in play. Once built, you can draw, sticker or design a 12 frame movie on your computer and print it out. Place each photo frame in the wheel and spin the crank to watch your drawings come to life and animate.

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

Bring life to your favorite Disney stories and create your own movies with the Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio. This kit is compatible with your tablet and captures scenes as kids move their figures around and take photos. Included in this kit are scenes and figures from Frozen, Big Hero Six, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Mickey, Minnie and more.

NPW Ani-Mate Clay Animation Kit

Make your own little monsters and create fun movies when you use the NPW Ani-Mate Clay Animation Kit. This set comes with a studio stage, four different backdrops, modeling clay and googly eyes. The full instruction book features step by step guidelines for making stop motion movies and includes tips and tricks. You can use your smartphone or tablet to capture the photos and create movies. A cardboard stand for your device is included as well.

OgoSport OgoBild Kit

Learn the basic principles when it comes to stop motion kits with the OgoSport OgoBild. This set comes with a USB camera, the software for your computer and a large set of various pieces to create your own Ogo characters. Ogo has lots of moving parts to his body, so you can capture different life like movements to create your stop motion movies. Collect more of the various kits to expand your collection of Ogo parts to make more movies.

Stopmotion Explosion

Get ready to direct your own movie with this advanced stop motion animation kit for kids. Included in the Stopmotion Explosion set is a book called “How to make epic films using everyday stuff”, a 720p HD USB camera, a software CD with animation software, access to video tutorials and user-only content on the website. This kit is for kids that want to take their stop motion play to the next level, with more tweaking and details for their movies.

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