Solar System Toys

10 Solar System Toys to Learn about Space (Themed Gifts)

Solar system toys are a fun way for kids (and adults) to learn about the universe and planets. Kids can learn the names of the planets, identify constellations or just enjoy taking in the wonders of the galaxy.

Toys about planets can spark conversations and explanations about alien life forms, gravity and a world of things that kids find hard to grasp. Astronomy is an exciting subject and new planets are always being discovered.

Most of the space toys on the market offer a hands on approach to learning. It can be hard sometimes for children to understand the concept of space, so having a physical object to point to makes learning a cool visual experience.

From projectors to building your own rotating solar system, there’s something for all age groups. A lot of the science toys below have glow in the dark properties, so that kids can enjoy them even after the lights have been turned off.

So, if your looking for a space themed gift, check out the list below of solar system toys that the whole family can enjoy.

Best Solar System Toys

1. Solar System In My Room

Learn about the planets rotation with the Solar System in My Room kit. This set hangs from the ceiling and all the planets revolve around a large light up sun. Included is a remote control so that you can turn it on and off with ease. This is also a great night light for kids since it has an auto shut off feature. To learn more about the planets, you can go to the associated website and listen to audio tours while the planets rotate above you.

2. 4M Solar Systems Planetarium

Discover the solar system as you build and decorate your own circulating toy. Most space toys come already assembled, but with the 4M Solar System Planetarium you get to put it together yourself. This set includes the planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint, rods, a fact filled wall chart and ten sets of kid quiz questions about the solar system. There are no batteries required for this solar system, it will rotate easily with the touch of your hand.

3. Great Explorations 3-D Solar System

Decorate your room with this large solar system toys kit. This 3-D Solar System kit comes with over two hundred glow in the dark planets and stars that hang from your ceiling. This set includes the planets, stars, comets and asteroids.

4. 4M Glow in the Dark Solar System Mobile Kit

Create your own Solar System Mobile Kit with this fun product from 4M. This set comes with the planets, stencils, squeeze glow in the dark paint pens, rods, string, a fun fact filled wall chart and ten sets of kids quiz questions. Your child will have fun learning about the solar system with a hands on building project that they can proudly display.

5. Educational Insights GeoSafari

Turn any room into your own personal planetarium with this cool space toy from GeoSafari. The Educational Insights Motorized Solar System is a battery operated standing piece. In the top center is the sun and around the base the planets with rotate around it. This kit includes a brightly lit sun, eight rotating planets and Pluto the dwarf planet. This set also projects constellations on the ceiling for more fun and learning.

6. Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System

Great for a classroom, the Giant Inflatable Solar System from Learning Resources is the perfect hands on solar system toy for kids. This set comes with all eight planets, Pluto, the sun and Earth’s moon. The planets are various sizes in agreement with the sun to show kids the difference between each planet. They are durable for light play or have hooks so they can be hung from the ceiling. Also included is a foot pump and repair kit.

7. 3D Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Projector

Take your space toys to the next level with the 3D Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Projector. This set include a round projector and a pair of 3D glasses. The projector shows photos of constellations, the stars, the planets and many more breathtaking views of the universe.

8. NPW Constellations and Planets Projector Torch

Project the universe on your wall or ceiling with this neat toy. The NPW Projector Torch is a small yet mighty handheld flashlight that hold an interchangeable disk. On the disks are stencils of stars, constellations and planets. Two disks are included with the torch. The bright light shines well on most surfaces and is a fun way for kids to learn more about the universe.

9. Glow in the Dark Solar System Jigsaw puzzle

If your child loves solar system toys then they will enjoy the challenge of putting together a sixty piece jigsaw puzzle. The Glow in the Dark Solar System Jigsaw puzzle lets kids see a full colored view of the solar system and how the planets are aligned around the sun. When the lights are off, this puzzle lights up with glow in the dark accents so that kids can see the finished puzzle at nighttime.

10. LeapFrog LeapReader Discovery Solar System

Give you child the gift of an interactive solar system adventure with the Leap Frog Discovery Solar System set. This LeapReader compatible toy requires the LeapFrog pen to work. Included is a large two sided folded map that is over three feet with two hundred and forty audio responses. You can play over forty family friendly games and activities.

Solar System Toys

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