Cool Fidget Spinners

15 Cool Fidget Spinners (The latest toy craze that hasn’t gone away just yet)

Cool fidget spinners are the latest toy craze for kids and adults. Are you looking for some new designs or a popular good quality spinner? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best fidget spinners on Amazon.

The wildfire spread of fidget spinner toys means they are in high demand (but not hard to get hold of, you can pick one up pretty much anywhere). Parents are getting them for their kids and then after trying it once, become attached! These two to three armed spinners are a simple yet addictive toy to play and perform tricks with.

Other types of fidgeting toys include the fidget cube, that has various sides and things for your busy fingers to do, like clicking and rolling.

Here are 15 cool fidget spinners rated the best for spinning time and balance.

Cool Fidget Spinners

1. Fidgeteer

Perfectly balanced and ready to spin, the Fidgeteer is a great option when looking for cool fidget spinners. Available in various colors, this plastic framed spinner will match any personality or style. This spinner has a curved shape center bearing so that you can balance it on one finger for tricks. The ceramic outer bearings have the tag line “Steady Rollin” engraved in them.

2. ZAMO Captain America

Shaped like the shield of Captain America, this is a pretty cool fidget spinner for kids. Made from Aluminum alloy, one side features 2 blue rings and the other side has a different design with more blue circles, for visual fun. With a long spin time, this durable superhero spinner is something different than the norm.

3. Gorilla Spinners

Enjoy multiple ways to calm your fidgeting with the Gorilla Spinners toy. This unique spinner has three extended arms that have two metal balls inside. If spinning isn’t calming you then you can rotate the balls between your fingers for another level of comfort. This spinner is made from rubberized plastic, so it won’t crack or break easily.

4. Fidget Cube

If spinning doesn’t take the edge off, then check out the original Fidget Cube from Wedual. This silicon body cube offers multiple ways to keep your fingers busy. The cube has six sides for you to use, each with a different category. The sides are labeled as spin, roll, click, breathe, flip and glide. Each side features the action that it describes.

5. Maxboost

The Maxboost Fidget Spinner has great reviews and is very popular. This metal and durable plastic fidget spinner features ceramic ball bearings that give an easy and smooth spin. The spinner fits perfectly in your palm for carrying and will keep you mind as ease while you flick and spin.

6. iSmalt Bat Shape

This really cool fidget spinner toy is in the shape of a bat, and it is very similar to a favorite dark knight comic hero. The iSmalt bat model spinner features two even arms and a center bearing. The outer bearings give this spinner a good balance and it has a long rated spin time. This fidget spinner toy is available in various colors.

7. BOKATE Crusader Spinner

Shaped differently, yet gives the same relaxing spin is the BOKATE Crusader Spinner. This easy to carry around fidget spinner is made from high quality materials and strong bearing that keep it spinning smoothly for long periods of time. This spinner is made similar to the three prong fidget spinners, it just has two prongs instead for a more even weight and spin.

8. D-Joy Tri-Spinner

The D-Joy Tri-Spinner is a metal based fidget spinner toy that comes in a variety of colors and designs. The inner ball is ceramic, giving the spinner high speeds while the three steel bearings add consistency in the spinning and keep it going for longer periods.

9. A+ Quality Fidget Spinner Toy

The A+ Quality Fidget Spinner toy is made with high quality materials, so that you can spin without worry of it breaking or malfunctioning. The body is made from strong and durable plastic with center ceramic bearings.

10. Red Classic Fidget Spinner

When you are looking for the best fidget spinner on Amazon, then you should factor in spinning time. The Red Classic Fidget Spinner boasts a spin time that lasts between two to five minutes. It has a ceramic bearing and removable plastic caps for the center.

11. Zekpro

The Zekpro fidget spinner toy is a high quality version of this popular item. It is a smooth surface spinner that features a high speed ceramic ball bearings for an efficient an quiet spin. This spinner toy also has smooth round edges that keep it spinning longer and are easy on the users fingers.

12. EWR

Upgraded for 2017, the EWR fidget spinner features two smooth concave removable caps for finger or table spinning. This durable ABS plastic frame spinner has a one to four minute average spin time. The center bearing is made from high quality ceramic for easy spinning.

13. 7D Customs Spinner

Balanced for perfection, the 7D Customs Spinner has been updated for 2017 and is more durable than before. This spinner is made with high quality and durable materials to keep it from breaking or cracking easily. After breaking it in this spinner will go for sixty to ninety seconds.

14. Destroyer Brands

This two in one fidget spinner toy is perfect for individuals that like gears. The Destroyer Brand Axle spinner is a neat take on the fidget spinner. The three arms are made from small round gears that turn with the center gear for a finger rotating gear fidget, or you can spin it normally. This spinner doesn’t spin as smoothly and fast, but it is an eye catching spinner.

15. Kozodo Co

This compact version of a fidget spinner is perfect for smaller hands. Most cool fidget spinners are 75mm, but this one is 65mm. The Fidget spinner is made from durable materials and a strong ball bearing to keep it spinning. Even with it’s small size it is still silent and well balanced. This spinner also comes with a metal carrying tin to store it when not in use.

Wondering where did Fidget Spinner Toys come from?

In 1993, a chemical engineer, Catherine Hettinger filed a patent for a “spinning toy”. This idea was developed because she noticed some kids throwing rocks at police cars and she wanted to create a toy that gave children a way to release pent up energy and provide soothing peace.

The basis of the fidget spinner is to allow you to spin it while holding the center with two fingers, and then to watch it spin. This action gives a satisfying calming to individuals and helps promote better focus. It also keeps hands busy.

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