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11 Best Magnetic Building Toys for Kids & Toddlers

Oh WOW… How cool is that? That’s what you think when you see magnetic building toys in action.

Educational and very easy to build with, magnetic toys for kids are fun no matter what age you are. Kids can learn how magnets attract one another, how much weight certain magnets can hold and how sometimes they can repel each other.

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Design, geometry and construction are some of the skills that toddlers and kids will start to develop without even trying.

Magnets always stick to each other, so kids can build without getting frustrated that blocks won’t fit or fall down. Plus, they also help children develop their hand eye co-ordination and learn more about standard architecture and building.

From building intricate interlocking magnet sets to simple and easy to use blocks, there is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong with the list we’ve put together.

Here are 11 cool magnetic building toys that will keep kids busy and hopefully quiet (for at least 5 mins anyway).

Magnetic Building Toys for Kids

1. Magformers

Magformers are popular magnetic toys for kids that are easy to use for toddlers. There is a range of cool things to build and kids can come up with their own creations. One fun thing to do with them is to place the blocks flat on a surface and then pull up your creation from the center main piece, and watch as your build turns from 2D into 3D. This set comes with thirty pieces consisting of squares and triangles, but there are many sets available.

2. WowWee Magnaflex Rainbow Set

While most magnetic building toys are stiff and sturdy, the WowWee Magnaflex Rainbow Set is more limber. This kit comes with thirty four pieces that are shaped like elongated ovals. The tips and middle are magnetic, while the sides are zippered so that you can connect them. Also included is an idea structure booklet that shows you how to create animals, buildings, jewellery and more.

3. Tegu

Beautiful and versatile, these wooden magnetic building toys by Tegu are an art piece alone. The blocks are made from wood and lightly painted over in pastel colors so that you can still see the wood grain embedded. This set comes with fourteen pieces and are safe for kids to use with no lead paint and non toxic parts. Tegu is a great introduction to magnetic toys for toddlers and you can purchase more of the blocks to add to your collection.

4. Magz-Bricks

Magz-Bricks are fun magnetic toys for kids that consist of magnetized blocks that are identical in shape. These blocks come in a variety of different colors and are easy to stack by using the magnets to connect them for a sturdy build. The magnetic force is a strong and sturdy hold that can be put together fast and effortlessly. This set comes with sixty blocks.

5. PicassoTiles

Let your imagination be your guide with these magnetic building toys. The Picasso tiles come in various shapes and sizes. They are easy to construct and they pack away easily when you need to store them. These blocks encourage you to make 3D forms, like castles with tall pointy roofs or animals. This set comes with sixty blocks and an instructions booklet to get them started with building.

6. Tomy Gearation Refrigerator Magnets

Kids love learning about gears, and these Refrigerator Magnets are sure to be a hit in your house. This set comes with five colorful gear magnets that can be placed in various locations for different reactions. The main gear has an on and off switch and is battery operated. These creativity and imagination encouraging magnets whirl, spin and the gears flip as they work together.

7. Melissa and Doug Switch and Spin Magnetic Gear Board

Enhance your little one’s motor skills with the Switch and Spin Magnetic Gear Board. This set comes with eight magnetic pegs, eight gears and five double sided design templates. On each template there is a place for you to set the pegs and gears so they match the colors and line up on the photo. Once everything is in place you can spin the gears and watch them all move different ways.

8. Goobi

This scientific and physics based Goobi Construction set, is utilized by connecting the long rods to small circular balls. This gives any build a reinforced stability and offers easy pivotal construction. The Goobi set comes with two hundred and two magnetic building pieces and a booklet with inspiration for building shapes and designs.

9. Guidecraft Powerclix Organics

Build something out of the box with the Guidecraft Powerclix Organics building set. These blocks are different from ordinary shapes, and instead are more of an open ended shape that reflects what is found in nature. These blocks have non repellent magnetic tips and connect easily to build. This set includes forty-eight blocks and an instruction manual that shows step by step colorful pages on how to build different structures.

10. Magic Shapes

These foam magnetic toys for kids are a great way for your child to enjoy building. The Magic Shapes set comes with fifty-four foam blocks that can build endless 3D creations. The blocks have fun and bright colors to liven up any castle or animal. Also included is a magnetic building surface to add extra stability to your structures. Shapes in this set include squares, circles, triangles and rectangles.

11. SmartMax

SmartMax is a ball run that mixes magnetic building toys and a kind of marble run. It comes with seventy-four pieces that connect easily via magnets so that you can build without trouble. Also included is an instruction booklet to get you started with some basic ball run builds. After you have mastered those then you are able to build you own run. This set also teaches your kids about how magnets repel and attract via its warm versus cool colors parts.

Magnetic Building Toys

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