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10 Best Kids Fitness Trackers (Something like a Fitbit for Kids)

Are you looking for something like a Fitbit for kids? Finding it tricky to get your children moving? Kids fitness trackers could be the solution.

Not just for active adults, kids can now get in on the action. There are lots of of bright, easy to use, and stylish activity trackers on the market. Many fitness trackers for kids use points or built in challenges that give children rewards for reaching goals or completing activities. Some of these rewards will unlock games or more content for kids to keep active and motivated.

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These trackers also let parents set up certain goals like chores or brushing your teeth. When completed, kids will receive points or tokens that can be added up for more rewards.

The right kids fitness trackers will make getting daily exercise entertaining and challenging. For added fun, some brands below offer adult versions of the trackers, so that parents can track their daily activity and compete in family challenges.

Best Kids Fitness Trackers

1. Garmin Vivofit JR.

Don’t let a battery get you down with the Garmin Vivofit Jr. This fitness tracker for kids has a one year battery life, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of recharging or a dead battery mid day. Parents can set up chore lists and timers to help kids schedule their day and motivate them to do chores for points. This band is kid proof and won’t damage easily. It is also swim friendly and stretches over small hands for a good fit.

2. Fitbit ZIP

Small but mighty, the Fitbit Zip is a great option for tracking your kids daily activities. It is wear and water resistant, just clip it on your kids bag or outfit and go. It will link to the Fitbit app on a smart phone and keep daily stats of steps, distance, calories, and daily active minutes. You can tap the display on the tracker to see daily stats or just the time. The battery has a long life and only needs replacing every six months.

3. PaiBand

Kids Fitness Trackers

Don’t just let your child wear a watch, give them a fitness tracker that is going to help them monitor and improve their health. The PaiBand is a new bluetooth enabled fitness tracker for kids that allows parents to get a daily readout of your child’s health stats. This tracker monitors activity, sleep patterns and heart rate. It then compiles it on your smart phone or device to let you know how healthy your child is, based on their height and weight. It will also offer recommendations on diet, exercise or if your child needs more or less sleep.

4. LeapFrog LeapBand

The LeapFrog LeapBand is a fitness tracker that gets kids moving with fun games and activities. It has fifty built in challenges that will get your kid moving. From pouncing like a lion, wiggling like a worm, to leaping like a frog. The screen is full color and parents can set play times, challenges and more. For each activity your child does, they get points to unlock more games and surprises.

5. Sqord Activity Tracker

Durable and sporty, the Sqord Activity Tracker is a great choice for kids that are constantly on the move. It has a battery life of nine months, and can be replaced with a regular watch battery as needed. Through the associated app, your child will earn points for meeting healthy activity goals and can compete with other family members. This watch is durable and waterproof, it can even track pool activity while your kids swim.

6. Omate

Omate Wherecom K3

Track your kid’s activity and location with the Omate smart watch. If you’re looking for GPS enabled kids fitness trackers, then this is a great option. The Omate smart watch is powered by android and is compatible with both android and apple devices. In the watch app you can locate your child through GPS, track their steps or call them. This watch allows the user to make and receive calls via a preprogrammed contact list from the app.


UNICEF Kid Power BandTake steps to help those in need with these amazing kids fitness trackers. The UNICEF Kid Power Band uses your daily activities and steps to motivate you to walk to reach goals and unlock food packets. This tracker counts your steps and is also a watch to help them keep track of time. Turn your child’s energy into good. Each pack they unlock will send lifesaving food to children around the world.

8. Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

This isn’t an official fitness tracker, but it is sure to get your kid moving. The Mover Kit is a build it yourself play watch. Kids will follow easy instructions to put the watch together then they can use the associated app to code the watch. Then as they move the watch lights up to tell them what to do. They will be doing jumping jacks, silly dances and having active fun while they are playing.

9. iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

Get the whole family involved with this fun kids fitness tracker. The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker is a clip on pedometer that tracks your daily steps and activity. When paired with the app you can create a character and your steps will unlock fun games and enhance power levels. Parents can link their own iBitz trackers as well and challenge the kids to a daily steps goal.

10. Nabi Compete

Take the friendship bracelet to the next level with these exciting kids fitness trackers. The Nabi Compete tracker comes with two tracking wrist bands, one for you and one for a friend. You can sync them together in the associated app and do challenges together. Learn about distance and how much exercise it takes to burn simple food calories. With each step you can use it to travel across the US on a map and learn neat facts about certain landmarks.

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