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10 Best iPad and iPad Mini Cases for Kids to Throw Around

Looking for kid proof iPad cases? Need something that will protect your iPad as it’s thrown across the room? We’ve compiled a list of durable iPad and iPad Mini Cases for Kids.

Accidents are going to happen when you least expect it, but now you can protect your tablet without worrying. The cases listed below have all been designed to withstand standard drops. Some cases are more advanced and have been fully enclosed to keep out water and dirt. There are cases that have been created for younger kids and others that are more grownup for the older ones.

There are various designs and colors available to suit different needs, personalities and ages. iPads are expensive electronics, so investing in a good kid friendly iPad case is worth while. If you’ve ever seen a toddler with an iPad, you would gasp, but breathe a sigh of relief when you realise the case is on!

Check out some of the best iPad cases for kids below that rank high in durability, because after all, parents love their iPads as much as their kids!

Best iPad and iPad Mini Cases for Kids

1. iGuy

Fun and durability make up one of the neatest iPad and iPad mini cases for kids. The iGuy is a character driven iPad case that is easy for little hands to grip and carry. This case has been designed with a flexible foam construction that keeps it lightweight while retaining strength. It has been military-grade drop tested and it has been proven to protect the iPad when dropped onto a hard surface with no damage to the buttons or screen.

2. i-Blason

Super light and durable, the i-Blason ArmorBox is made for on the go and stationary use. This case fits around your iPad, leaving the screen uncovered. It has a comfortable handle that you can grip on the top for carrying it around. The handle also folds to become a stand for your iPad during use. This case is made with impact resistant polycarbonate and is double enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner sleeve.

3. OtterBox Defender

Defend your iPad with confidence when you use one of these iPad cases for kids. The OtterBox Defender is 360 degree protection for your tablet. It has three layers of defense built to keep your device safe and secure. The engineered design was inspired by the new iPad so that it fits naturally for better security. There is a built in screen protector that is easy to clean and a robust silicone mold that absorbs the impact shock.

4. Pepkoo

If you’re looking for fully inclosed iPad cases for kids that can take a hit, then the Pepkoo case might be for you. This rugged hybrid case has a dual layer designed case, that combines a polycarbonate hardshell, with a silicon soft shell inside. This dual layer protects from drops with a great shock protection. The full body cover has a built in screen protector that keeps your screen safe from scratches. It has a foldable kickstand on the back for propping the device up.

5. Leebay Butterfly iPad Mini Case

Made for a mini, this 3D iPad case has a fun butterfly shape that allows it to sit upright or lay flat. The Leebay case provides extra shock absorption and protects the tablet from scratches, dust and smudges.It has high quality protection that won’t weight your little one down. The wings are adjustable to various degrees for the best way to sit it up. This case provides clear cutouts for access to all the buttons, rear camera, ports and speakers, so that you are not limited to what you need to use.

6. HDE Cat

Pick your favorite color with these adorable iPad cases for kids that are designed to look like a cat. The HDE Cat is a soft and protective case that is made from high quality and non toxic EVA foam material. This case has a rugged surface for giving your child a firm grip while they are holding or carrying it. The handle rotates 180 degrees, this allows the case to stand up for hands free play and watching. Your iPad will be protected from scratches, dust and smudges.

7. iBallz

Simple yet effective is the best way to describe these iPad and iPad mini cases for kids. The iBallz iPad case is universal to fit all types and sizes. This case is an out of the box way of protecting your tablet. When you unbox it, there are four small balls that are all connected to a stretchy cord. Simply fit each ball on the corner via the notched area and tighten the cord at the bottom. The four balls protect your iPad from drops and keep it raised off of surfaces.

8. Cooper Case

Kid friendly and childproof iPad cases for kids are a must have when your little one is playing with it. The Cooper Case gives you that level of protection in a neat designed case. It is made from durable rubberized non toxic EVA foam. The bulky handles offer a comfortable grip when carrying or holding. This case also comes with a self applicable screen protector. This is a great iPad case for toddlers, kids and even adults.

9. Aceguarder

Protect your iPad from the elements with this affordable case for kids. The Aceguarder case is equipped to take on your unexpected day, while keeping your iPad secure from various dangers. Designed to be full enclosed, this case is waterproof, dirt-proof, shockproof and snow-proof. There is a built in kickstand on the back for propping your iPad up when you are watching something or for a better angle of play.

10. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Case

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn case is perfect for babies and toddlers to interact with. This case lets you lock your iPad inside and keeps it safe with a durable case. It has bright colors and accessories on the sides to entertain young hands on minds. The case can lay flat, sit up on it’s kickstand or can rock with it’s flip out legs. You can download the Fisher-Price content-rich learning apps in the app store that will look right at home with the tablet.

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