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Designing Digitally Partners to Develop a 3D Serious Game

Serious game and simulation developer Designing Digitally, has partnered with Rutgers University (formerly The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), to design a serious game to teach and expose students to home assessment skills which are difficult to teach in traditional classroom formats.

The game will allow students to interact with elements within virtual homes so they can be converted into barrier free living spaces. The learners will be able to walk throughout the virtual homes and select features of the home that need to be remodeled to be fully accessible. For instance, in some of the homes learners will be able to change the height of the countertops or [...]

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Mindblown Life: Crowd-Sourced Funding

Mindblown Labs strives to make crowd-sourced funding a mainstream solution to achieving educational innovation. The Ed Tech startup uses a game, Mindblown Life (MBL), to teach young adults critical money management skills and is currently raising crowd-sourced funds through a Kickstarter campaign. In 10 short days, the campaign has raised more than $44,000 and needs just $15,000 more to reach its initial funding goal. Very few educational projects obtain significant levels of success on Kickstarter, but this isn’t the case for Mindblown Life. With 20 days remaining, MBL’s campaign is currently on pace to become the most successful mobile game campaign in Kickstarter history and [...]

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Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction applied to Game Based Learning

Following on from a recent post The Pedagogies in Game Based Learning, this article will look at how Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction can be applied to game based learning.

(1) & (2) Gaining attention and Informing learners of the objective At the start of a game, users are always informed of their learning objectives, tasks and instructions on how to play the game. Some games will have an animated sequence as an introduction to grab the users attention (Stimulus to engage).

(3) Stimulating recall of prior learning During game play, users are required to make decisions based on knowledge obtained from previous experience. This helps them to level up and progress [...]

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GoVenture: Teaching Business Skills through Game Based Learning

GoVenture is a series of international award-winning educational games & simulations that offers fun, fast and effective game based learning. Students can enhance their business and life skills through their suite of games & educational apps, by directly experiencing real life scenarios through simulated game play.

Subjects such as business and finance are often difficult to teach using conventional teaching methods. By allowing students to experience simulations, they can run their own virtual business and learn valuable skills through trial and error. Similar to how pilots train using flight simulators, highly visual and realistic GoVenture simulations enable people [...]