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Getting Creative with Classroom Presentations using Phoster

The power of a good presentation can have an amazing impact on student learning. For students giving the presentation, they learn how to orally communicate a topic, structure arguments and increase their confidence with public speaking. They receive feedback from peers, and presentations generate discussion and give  a change of pace to the usual classroom day.

iOS app Phoster, provides students with a creative way to make high quality posters and visual aids to complement their classroom presentations. The user-friendly app is well worth the reasonable US $1.99 price tag, especially for teachers who have students frequently creating unique presentation [...]

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Haiku Deck: Presentation Tool

Presentation tools have made huge leaps from the basic and sometimes tedious PowerPoint. Now, if you want to create a presentation on a PC or laptop, you have a wealth of software options and Web 2.0 applications to meet your needs. With these programs you can create visually stunning, engaging presentations. However, it’s not quite that easy with the humble iPad, where the choice of presentation tools is somewhat limited.

Google keyword analysis shows that more than two million people a year are searching for presentation software for the iPad, and more than 23K people a month are searching for an alternative to PowerPoint. Haiku Deck is answering these requests by providing [...]

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PowToon Free Animation Software for Presentations & Class Projects

PowToon is a new free animation software presentation tool that can be used by students or teachers to create videos or cool presentations. If you’ve used Prezi before, you’ll definitely like this!

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PowToon loads up in your browser and comes with a set of pre-made styles and [...]

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10 Presentation Tools for Students

If you have sat through one too many bad PowerPoint presentations or seen too many posters thrown together at the last minute, it’s time to change how your students put together their presentations. With these 10 presentation tools for students, you will significantly reduce the amount of boring presentations you have to sit through. These tools will encourage your students to be creative and think critically when they plan their next presentations.


Create slideshows set to music with Animoto. Animoto offers a free version for educators so that your students can put pictures and text together. Once they have their content in place, they choose a song from Animoto’s [...]