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Teaching The AvatarGeneration – November Issue

It is with great regret that we have to inform our readers that this will be the last issue of Teaching The AvatarGeneration. We did not come to this decision lightly and have been working hard over the last couple of months to find a way to continue funding the production of the magazine.

While we have a terrific and supportive fan base, (you our readers), unfortunately there are not enough of you and our efforts to advertise and publicize the magazine, have not resulted in the subscriptions required and back issue sales to cover the basic monthly costs of putting the magazine out. We have really enjoyed creating and researching our magazine, and giving our readers [...]

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Technology-Based Lesson Planning – Issue 10

Lesson planning is one of the most important activities in the range of different responsibilities faced by teachers. Not only does effective planning makes teaching more efficient, and gives a sense of direction to curriculum and standards, but it is a useful tool for future planning and evaluating how a lesson went. Again, technology has come to the rescue for teachers looking to improve, enhance or simply be more efficient in their lesson planning.

In this month’s issue of Teaching The AvatarGeneration we look at two aspects of technology-based lesson planning; creating lesson plans using online resources, and creating bespoke lesson plans using apps and tools. We [...]

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The Digital Textbook Revolution

It’s back to school season, so this month we’ve looked at the digital textbook revolution and how to make the transition from print to digital as smooth and stress-free as possible.

One of the first known mediums for printed text originated back in the 3rd Century, where tablets made out of compressed pieces of clay were used to imprint early writing systems. Move forward to the 21st Century and books have turned full circle, with tablets again hosting the written word but this time in the form of eBook readers and iPads. One of the most significant changes to how teachers manage text resources is the change from printed book to textbooks on electronic [...]

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Project-Based Learning with Technology – Issue 8

In this months issue of Teaching TheAvatar Generation we have focused on the popular project-based learning methodology. Project work in school has long been popular, but with the development of new technological resources, it has gone from cardboard, pipe cleaners and markers, to apps, digital photos and mind maps. Project-based learning can improve attitudes towards learning, develop complex skills such as problem solving and communication, and help students take responsibility for their own learning. We have included some great ideas for English, geography and history teachers looking to improve their range of apps for project-based learning.

This month we are also [...]