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Messy Mia Storybook App For Kids

“Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech” is an exciting animated storybook app about old technology for curious kids and retro parents. We’re very excited here at AvatarGeneration to launch our very first kids storybook through Touch Tech Kids!

Messy Mia tells the story of a young girl learning about technology from days gone by. In her journey to find her mom’s TV remote, Mia makes friends with Zed, a friendly robot keen to tell her all about old technology. Kids learn about the differences in technology from when VHS, cassette tapes, and dial-up internet were common, to today’s high tech world. The storybook, ideal for kids aged 4-8, creates a unique and fun experience [...]

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Teaching Toddlers to Code with Cody Coders Guide to HTML

Three young digitally-savvy women at the Digital Data Strategist Program at Hyper Island Stockholm have written a book about HTML coding…for children. Are toddlers too young to learn how to build a website? These women don’t think so! Cody the Coder in My First Website takes a toddler through a magical world where he has to create his home (his website), and as you read through, one can’t be help become more familiar with the HTML code snippets necessary to build your first website.

“I’ve always seen a future where children are unafraid of understanding something that adults are either too intimidated to explore or just haven’t had the chance. They are simply [...]

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Walter’s Flying Bus Launched for iPhone

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Report Finds Big Increase in Kids Reading eBooks

In the fourth edition of the Kids & Family Reading ReportTM, a national survey released today, kids age 6-17 and their parents share their views on reading in the increasingly digital landscape and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading.

The study, a biannual report from Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children’s publishing, education and media company, and the Harrison Group, a leading marketing and strategic research consulting firm, reports that:

The percent of children who have read an ebook has almost doubled since 2010 (25% vs. 46%). Half of children age 9-17 say they would read more books for fun if [...]