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Frog Game 1 – Sounds for Reading Game – Giveaway

At first, you thought it was cute. Then, you steadily grew annoyed. Now, you’re outright panicking when you hear your little one speak. Why can’t your baby speak properly? Will this problem fix itself in due time or will the speech impediment remain with your baby for the rest of the life as a burden? There is no reason to fear, as incorrect speech is extremely common in babies and children. It usually fixes itself, without the need for an intervention. Still, you might want to nudge your little one towards the right path just a tiny bit. This is best done through play, as is the case with all learning. In this way, your little one will speak clearly and correctly.

Frog Game 1 [...]

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The Power of Perseverance: Axel’s Chain Reaction

Axel’s Chain Reaction interactive storybook app features a focus on art and the power of persistence, as well as a protagonist who is significantly different than his peers. If you have students who feel like they don’t fit, Axel’s Chain Reaction may be an app that can teach valuable lessons to the entire class about how important each member of the learning community is.

Axel’s Chain Reaction features a host of options for users to engage with as a means of keeping the story interactive. Users can choose to make use of the narration and music or simply read without the extra interaction. Few students will be disengaged by this app, with all of the different elements to keep [...]

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Elementary Emotional Awareness with Avokiddo Emotions App

If you’re looking for a subtle, unobtrusive way to introduce a discussion of emotions into your curriculum, the multi-award winning Avokiddo Emotions is the app for your classroom. This bright engaging app will help you teach social skills and awareness through play.

Avokiddo Emotions is simple and fun, featuring three animated characters (a zebra, a giraffe, and a sheep) and numerous random props that players can adorn the characters with. Pull down a lever on the side of the screen and watch props fall from the sky; these props range from hats and mustaches, to food and drink, to musical instruments. All of the props, when placed on or near the characters, elicit some sort [...]

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Color Uncovered – What color is a whisper?

Color Uncovered, a free app from Exploratorium, is a beautifully designed investigation of all of the ways that color is both mysterious and magical. The app is aimed at older children, teenagers, and adults, and has been used by art and science classrooms all over the globe. The magazine layout of the app has a glossy feel, and the content appeals to both the reader and the hands-on learner equally.  With this app, students are bound to learn things they never knew that they needed to know from why men shouldn’t buy bananas, and why dogs shouldn’t drive!

Color Uncovered is formatted as an interactive book or magazine, with a table of contents and a unique color strip along [...]