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The 50 Best Books for New Teachers

Education and teaching website has published a list of the 50 Best Books for New Teachers. The list is a compilation of the books most recommended for new teachers by experienced teachers and principals. The goal is to provide new K-12 teachers with a ready-made list of books they can turn to for inspiration and guidance.

Books on the list cover a broad range of subjects and styles, from pedagogical theory to practical how-to, novels to autobiography, history to classroom discipline, politics to reading, writing, and arithmetic. The full list and descriptions can be viewed on The Top Masters in Education [...]

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Join the Microsoft Safer Online Teen Challenge

Being part of the Avatar Generation, teens need to understand the power of social networks and responsibly manage their communication online. A key part of learning how to use the Internet is to know how to behave safely online. Microsoft have produced a huge range of resources for teens, teachers and parents to help them be safe, and avoid risky situations online. They have brochures, fact sheets and tip cards, videos, and free online safety presentations.

The have also launched the Safer Online Teen Challenge, a competition where students are encouraged to unleash their creativity to create a presentation, video, cartoon, song or survey about online safety. There are some [...]

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The Digital Universe of Your Children

This three-minute animation tackles the parental concern of ‘Who are your kids talking to online?’, providing practical tips for parents and teachers to help their children and students stay safe online. European Schoolnet (host organisation of Insafe), together with Liberty Global, launched the animation aimed at educating parents on children’s safety online.

At the end of the animation, eight informative tip sheets give practical advice on how to deal with a variety of issues that youngsters might encounter online:Privacy on Social Networks Online Gaming Blocking Risks Online Online Friends Meeting Strangers Personal Information Online ReputationFacts shared [...]
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New NASA Online Science Resource Available For Educators And Students

NASA has a new online science resource for teachers and students to help bring Earth, the solar system, and the universe into their schools and homes.

Called NASA Wavelength, the site features hundreds of resources organized by topic and audience level from elementary to college, and out-of-school programs that span the extent of NASA science. Educators at all levels can locate educational resources through information on educational standards, subjects and keywords and other relevant details, such as learning time required to carry out a lesson or an activity, cost of materials and more.

“NASA Wavelength not only lets users find nearly everything they want to [...]