10 Best Wearable Tech Toys

Whether you want to get kids moving or give them additional options for play, the best wearables for kids are...
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X-Doria KidFit Activity

Top 5 Kids Fitness Activity Trackers

Fitness trackers aren’t just for adults. Fitness for kids take a new turn when parents gift kids with fitness trackers...
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4M Tin Can Robot

10 Best Make Your Own Robot Kits for Kids

Being able to create your own robot gives students and kids a great sense of achievement, with the added bonus of...
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playbrush smart toothbrush

12 Best Connected Smart Toys for Kids

The Internet is everywhere and just about anything can be connected to it, so why not toys? Gone are the...
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ollie by sphero

10 Cool App Remote Controlled Toys For Kids

Toys that are controlled by a smartphone are the new cool tech toys that everyone wants. Remote controlled toys are cool,...
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Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Top 10 Best Robot Toys for Kids

Modern tech-savvy kids don’t dream about Legos or toy cars anymore. What they really want is a cool robot toy...
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thingmaker 3d printer

7 Best Kids 3D Printers for Home or School

3D printing is already changing the way that we produce objects from clothing and appliances to tools and toys. This...
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little bits

7 Best Electronic Kits for Kids

For parents or teachers, it is essential that they continuously nurture their children’s intellectual capacity by enhancing basic skills such...
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3d doodler pen

7 Best 3D Pens for Kids

Drawing has never been so advanced and intuitive with the advent of 3D printing pens as these ordinary looking pens...
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8 Great Learn To Code Toy Robots For Kids

Learn to code robots are a fun way to teach kids the fundamentals of programming. Nowadays, there is a growing understanding...
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osmo coding game kit

8 Best Coding Games For Kids

Help children become active rather than passive users of technology with these exciting coding games for kids. It’s much easier to...
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Pronoun Heroes

Top 8 Grammar Game Apps For Kids

Grammar games for kids are a new way to engage and entertain, while learning the fundamental essentials of reading and...
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grammar games

Top 10 Grammar Game Apps For Adults

It’s no shame to admit that you’re an adult native English speaker and have trouble with the grammar of your...
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Meet The Animals: The Sea

10 Augmented Reality Apps For Kids

In the days long past, kids would gather around that lucky boy whose parents could afford a Super Nintendo and...
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Homido VR Headet

Top 10 VR Headsets Not Made From Cardboard

While the headsets from the Google Cardboard category are perfect for whetting your VR headset appetite, they are not very...
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