20 Cool Tech Gifts For Teenage Girls

Gifts for teenage girls are sometimes hard to pick out. Don’t despair! This trusty list we’ll help you find the perfect gift to please even the pickiest girl.

From younger teens to older high school girls, there is something for everyone. The best way to narrow down a gift is to figure out what the teenage girl is most “into”.

If she has an artsy flair, then there are some amazing art gifts that will help her create. 3D pens, printers, or a light board for sketching will bring a smile to any birthday girl. If she is into music or dancing, a bluetooth speaker or mini guitar are great gifts for musical teens.

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If you are not sure what they are into (and we all know how changeable teens can be), we have lots of gifts that would suit every taste. Teens love technology, and you can’t go wrong with cool gifts like fitness smartbands, drones, and virtual reality headsets.

If you are looking for something fun but educational, make-your-own robot sets are a great choice.

This list below has a wide variety of cool gifts for teenage girls that will take the hassle out of gift buying.

Best Gifts for Teen Girls

1. SoundBot

Bring your music to the water with this bluetooth speaker. The SoundBot is a high definition bluetooth 3.0 wireless speaker that is water resistant. With six hours of playback time you can relax and enjoy your music or use it for hands free talking. Take this speaker to the beach, the pool, on a boat in the shower or around the house without fear of any splashes.

2. LuMee Light Up Phone Case

Bring light with you wherever you go with the LuMee light up phone case. This case lights up on the sides giving you a ultra bring flashlight or a flash setting to use for darker selfies. You can also use it paired with the camera as a bright mirror for touching up. The rechargeable battery has a long lasting life and works independent from your phone. It’s also very durable and can withstand drops and dings.

3. Merge VR

Jump into another reality with the Merge VR headset. This super comfy virtual reality headset is made from soft lightweight foam and will fit any face even with glasses on. It is bendable and durable so you can take it on the go with you. It is compatible with Android and IOS phones and allows you to be immersed in scenic areas or play VR compatible games.

4. Fitbit Flex 2

Jump in the water or take an exercise class with the new Fibit Flex 2. This fitness tracking watch is a perfect option if your looking for top gifts for teen girls. It tracks their daily steps, automatically tracks what type of exercise they are doing, and is waterproof for swimming. This tracker is interchangeable from the workout rubber band to a more elegant metal bangle or it can be put in a necklace. A gift to brighten up any teen girls birthday.

5. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

This cool mini printer syncs up to your phone via bluetooth and lets you print photos instantly. The Polaroid ZIP prints out photos that are 2×3, waterproof, tear proof and that have a peelable adhesive backing. This printer works with zinc paper so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with any ink. It weighs only 6.6 ounces so you can take it with you wherever you go.

6. Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Make music with ordinary objects and food when you use the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats. This set comes with an adorable pair of cat ear headband headphones that you wear to play the sounds you create. You can clip the seven brightly colored clips to objects that you want to make musical. Make a banana keyboard or make your ice cream play a tune with each lick.

7. Little Bits Rule Your Room

The Little Bits rule your room kit is an educational and fun pick when you are looking for gifts for teen girls. This set allows you to create and build your own room safety system. You can create a burglar buzzer, a dinosaur intruder alert, or a safe to keep your items in. The kit comes with step by step instructions for eight inventions and inspiration for hundreds more projects.

8. Blink Blink

blink blink

Got a teen girl that likes fashion design? Mix that with circuits and Blink Blink is a perfect creative tech gift. There are three kits currently available, a wearable kit, a paper circuit kit and possibilities kit. Teens can follow the tutorials to make and design something cool.

9. Project Mc2 Bubble Gum Chemistry Lab

Make and chew your own bubblegum with this neat kit. The Project Mc2 Bubble Gum Chemistry Lab teaches girls how to create and flavor their own bubblegum. Everything you need is included in this kit along with recipes and flavors to try. You can make mint gum, watermelon gum, blueberry gum or mix and match the flavors for a new taste. There are easy to follow instructions that will guide to to becoming a bubble gum maker.

10. Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

Give the gift of music with one of the coolest gifts for teen girls. The Jamstik+ Smart Guitar is a miniaturized version of a real guitar that is easy for all ages to learn to play. This guitar doesn’t make sound, but similar to an electric guitar, when it is plugged into your smart device, then the music will play out. It can also connect via bluetooth. The Jamstik+ has loads of apps that you can download to learn how to play and perform popular songs.

11. Light Pad Light Box

This simple yet handy gadget is a perfect idea when you are thinking about gifts for teenage girls. With the Light Pad Light Box you can trace, look at xrays, do industrial designs, calligraphy or to play with 2D animation. This super thin and easily portable light box, has three different light settings and uses a touch sensor switch design to adjust the brightness with a slight touch.

12. 3Doodler Create

Draw in the air with the 3Doodler Create pen. This easy to use 3D pen comes with fifty plastic colorful strands that allow you to create many projects and bring objects to life in 3D. This pen is nontoxic and has a continuous flow while in use. The pen heats the plastic strands which allows you to draw with them, and when they hit the air they begin to instantly harden, so it won’t flow on you as you take your drawings to new heights.

13. WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone

Make a new friend with the WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone. When brought to life Lumi will interact with you and play games. This drone has a “follow me” mode that lets Lumi follow you when you are holding the remote. It plays a music “Lumi to the beat” game and will perform custom choreography with you when music is played.

14. FiftyThree Digital Stylus

Unique and affordable, the FiftyThree Digital Stylus is a well designed stylus. It is made to resemble a carpenters wide pencil and after some use it becomes an easy fit to your hand. This stylus has an eraser on the back and comes with a replaceable tip and eraser. When paired with the paper app it is an incredible tool for drawing or designing.

15. Plugable USB Digital Microscope

Gifts for teenage girls are hard to pick out, so try to give them something that is fun and educational. The Plugable USB Digital Microscope is an easy to use microscope for kids. The base of the microscope attaches to a mat via a suction cup for stability. You can turn the lens for zooming in and out of bits and pieces. The built in light evenly distributes light without adding glare. Sharing the images on a computer lets teens explore what they have seen in more detail.

16. Lens for iPhone

Bring the world of photography to your iPhone with the Lens for iPhone kit. This set comes with a 10x zoom lens, a wide angle lens and a micro clip lens so that you can capture any shot with ease and precision. A great idea when you need gifts for teenage girls, as teens love snapping photos with their phone camera. While it is made for iPhone, it will fit a variety of other smartphones and tablets with the easy clip on technology.

17. Wraps

Wearable and usable go hand in hand with this gifts for teenage girls must have. The Wraps wearable braided wristband headphones are the perfect accessory. Stop getting your headphones in knots or digging in bags to find them. When not in use, these earbud headphones wrap around your wrist to make a stylish bracelet. This item is available in multiple colors.

18. Crosley Turntable

Portable and updated for a newer technology, the Crosley Turntable is a fun way for teens to play music. This turntable closes and looks like a small suitcase when not in use. To use, open it up and switch it on then add your favorite record. It plays 33s, 45s and 78 rpm records. It has headphone and audio jack outputs and special models have a bluetooth connectivity.

19. Meccano Meccanoid XL 2.0

Defy the robot toy odds with the Meccano Meccanoid XL 2.0 robot. You get to build this four foot tall robot from the ground up with high quality pieces and included tools. He has ten different motors that let him move his arms, feet and head. You can program your robot to learn intelligent movement, play in rag doll mode or use your smart device to program simple commands.

20. Beatmoovz (Coming Soon)

Create your own music with your body movements when you wear the Beatmoovz bands. These watch like bands connect around your wrists and ankles. When paired with your smart device they will begin to play sounds and music when you move. You can have pop music, techno, ballet or even robot sounds. The bands are very responsive to movement and can be paired with friends to create a full band of music playing. These bands come in a set of two.

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