Gifts for Nieces and Nephews

30 Cool Gifts for Nieces and Nephews (Tech and Stem Toys)

Finding cool gifts for nieces and nephews is a tough job. You might want to be the cool Uncle or Auntie, but what’s happening in the world of kids toys can be a minefield for adults.

It’s hard to pick family gifts as you don’t want to get children something they already have or a present for kids that their parents will disapprove of.

Walk away from boring gift cards and bubble bath sets, and set your sights on some new tech gifts.

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Kids love new technology, and a cool new tech toy will make any celebration fun and exciting. Our list gives plenty of food for thought. STEM building toys, bright artistic sets for coloring or creating bracelets, and exciting hover-boards are all great ideas at any price point. Even the fussiest niece or nephew will enjoy the best new tech toys around.

Here is a list of toys for all ages and learning levels that both nephews and nieces will love. Sometimes you just need a few ideas to get you thinking about what someone would like!

Gifts Ideas for Nieces and Nephews 2017

1. Melissa and Doug Suspend Family Game

[amazon box=”B007EA4UBY” template=”avgen” title=”Melissa and Doug Suspend Game”]Great for the family, the Melissa and Doug Suspend Game is sure to have everyone hanging on the edge of their seats. This game is simple to play, just roll the color coded dice and place a wired stick on the base. With each turn players will build onto the wobbly structure until someone makes it fall apart.

2. View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

[amazon box=”B011EG5HJ2″ template=”avgen” title=”View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack”]Choose fun gifts for nephews or nieces that will take them places without having to leave home, with the View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This neat virtual viewer lets them explore 360 degree environments from the comfort of home. Simply download the app to your smartphone and then load it into the viewer to explore.

3. Lift it! Deluxe Game

[amazon box=”B00VWJNKNW” template=”avgen” title=”Lift it! Deluxe Game”]Use your head in more ways than one with the Lift it! Deluxe Game. This hilarious game comes with four head cranes that have magnetic attachments on the end. To play you will go head to head with another player to use your head crane and try to build a structure before they do. This is a unique and fun family game that is sure to have everyone laughing.

4. Learning Resources Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run

[amazon box=”B00S2XPFVQ” template=”avgen” title=”Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run”]Create a fun vertical marble run on your fridge with the Magnetic Marble Run. The tracks come in various shapes and sizes, that have a clear plastic screen to hold the marble in place while it travels down. Use the ten activity cards to make different marble runs and watch as it drops down to the target area. Read our full review of the Tumble Trax.

5. The Extraordinary Design Studio

[amazon box=”B00FF1RFAM” template=”avgen” title=”The Extraordinary Design Studio”]Let this design studio kit take your art to the next level with The Extraordinary Design Studio. In this kit you will receive 15 character cards, 15 project cards and 30 think questions. Each character needs a new item, you will design it for them and use the think questions to deepen the design and think out problem solutions.

6. Rory’s Story Cubes

[amazon box=”B003EIK136″ template=”avgen” title=”Rory’s Story Cubes”]Play a game that everyone can be involved in. Rory’s Story Cubes is a dice based storytelling game. Roll the detailed dice to see what elements pop up, then take turns creating stories using the dice or have everyone create a story together line by line. The imaginative play in this game is limitless.

7. Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

[amazon box=”B004IDG6XK” template=”avgen” title=”Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls”]Light up their night with this great gift. The Glo Nightlight with Portable balls is a simple touch base light that changes colors and offers soft lighting at night. The three included balls come out easily and hold their light for 30 minutes with no electricity or small parts. The balls can be held while little ones fall asleep, or can provide a fun nighttime game of catch for older kids.

8. Gravity Maze

[amazon box=”B00IUAAK2A” template=”avgen” title=”Gravity Maze”]Challenge yourself in new ways with the Gravity Maze. This problem solving game is played with a marble, plastic towers and target cards. The cards range from easy to difficult and show you where the marble should begin and where it should end. You then will need to add other towers to the maze to get the marble to reach its destination.

9. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

[amazon box=”B01ASVD2L4″ template=”avgen” title=”Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar”]Great for young minds and small hands, the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar is a fun way to jumpstart problem solving skills. Kids can code the caterpillar toy by removing and adding the segments together to create a certain path. Read our full review of the coding caterpillar.

10. Technology Will Save Us Movers Kit

Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

Kids can build their own watch with the Technology Will Save Us Movers Kit. This kit comes with all the tools and supplies that kids will need to build and code their very own movers watch. Once built, kids can use an app to code animations for the watch. Then all that is left to do is go outside and get moving!

11. Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Monster Truck Building Set

[amazon box=”B00K6EYJH0″ template=”avgen” title=”Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Monster Truck Building Set”]Let them build exciting toys that glow in the dark with the Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Monster Truck Building Set. This set includes one laser peg, 66 tinted interlocking blocks, an instruction manual and batteries. With this kit you can build a monster truck, a trophy truck, a pro stock puller, an all terrain rover and more.

12. Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

[amazon box=”B01A5YMCH4″ template=”avgen” title=”Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set”]Make your own maze and then help the mouse find the cheese with the Code & Go Robot Mouse Set. This set comes with the tiles, wall pieces, three tunnels, flash cards for directions and a battery powered mouse. Once you build the maze, lay out the directions on the flash cards, then press the matching directional buttons on the mouse to code him. You can then watch as he completes the maze to find the cheese.

13. Bloco Toys Ogre and Monster Building Kit

[amazon box=”B00EHLHQ46″ template=”avgen” title=”Bloco Toys Ogre and Monster Building Kit”]Build cool monsters with this fun gift for nieces and nephews. The Bloco Toys Ogre and Monster Building Kit lets kids use high density foam pieces and plastic connectors to create fun monsters to play with. There are step by step instructions included for building a dragon of the light character.

14. Project Mc2 Create Your Own Lip Balm

[amazon box=”B017A06IM6″ template=”avgen” title=”Project Mc2 Create Your Own Lip Balm”]The Project Mc2 Create your own Lip Balm kit is a great science based gift that has all the ingredients needed to make, flavor and store lip balm. Kids can also decorate the lip balm tubes and mix the flavors to create a unique balm of their very own.

15. Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set

[amazon box=”B00LFT41JG” template=”avgen” title=”Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set”]Bring your fashions to life with the Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set. This all in one set comes in an easy to store carry case. Kids can create fashion with the included coloring pad, then scan the finished design into a smart device via the app and watch as the outfits come to life on 3D models.

16. Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall

[amazon box=”B019K8L0HY” template=”avgen” title=”Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall”]Take the Paw Patrol adventures out for some real time action fun with the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall. This pup is ready to roll as he wheels along and recites over 150 phrases from the hit show. Marshall also has over eighty interactive missions and can launch a spring loaded water cannon from his back.

17. Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

[amazon box=”B015A7CHEY” template=”avgen” title=”Project Mc2 Circuit Beats”]Science centered gifts for nephews and nieces are a great way for them to have fun while learning about STEM centered education. Make music with ordinary objects when you use the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats. You can turn bananas into a keyboard, make licking ice cream a musical treat, or see how water creates sound.

18. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

[amazon box=”B00XM0XWUA” template=”avgen” title=”Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer”]Print out your photos on the go with the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. This no ink printer uses zink zero papers to print photos directly from your mobile phone. The printer makes 2×3 photos that are full color and smudge proof. There is a free app that pairs with the printer for ease of use.

19. Air Hogs Smash Bots

[amazon box=”B00U7EXKL0″ template=”avgen” title=”Air Hogs Smash Bots”]Gifts for nieces and nephews can be tricky, but if they love play battles, then the Air Hogs Smash Bots are sure to be a hit. This set comes with two remote control smash bots that battle it out in the ring with custom weapons. The bots move and spin at one another to see who can stay together throughout multiple hard hits.

20. Candy Grabber Machine

[amazon box=”B01HYKF27Y” template=”avgen” title=”Candy Grabber Machine”]Everyone loves candy and when turned into a fun game everyone will play to win. The Candy Grabber Machine is a smaller version of the arcade games. Insert the included tokens or use pennies to start the crane and scoop candy or other smaller toys. This game also includes fun arcade sound effects.

21. FurReal Friends Torch

[amazon box=”B01AUGLH8M” template=”avgen” title=”FurReal Friends Torch”]Light things up with this adorable dragon. The FurReals Friends Torch Dragon is a fun option when buying gifts for nephews or nieces. Torch responds to touch with over fifty sounds and motion combinations. He has a water tank that you can fill to make fire breathing mist. Also included is a color changing marshmallow for him to munch on.

22. Meccano Micronoid

[amazon box=”B019HP2ADI” template=”avgen” title=”Meccano Micronoid”]Build and program your own robot who loves to dance with the Meccano Micronoid. This robot is one of three who will interact and dance with one another. Ask him yes or no questions to interact with him. This little robot can walk, talk and dance providing hours of fun and interactive play.

23. Barbie Star Light Up Adventure Hover-board Doll

[amazon box=”B01ARGBMXK” template=”avgen” title=”Barbie Star Light Up Adventure Hover-board Doll”]Based on the hit movie Barbie Star Light Adventure, this hover-board drone is one of the coolest gifts for nieces that love Barbie. The remote controlled Barbie Star Light Up Adventure Hover-board Drone is controlled via an included remote control and has three pre-set flight stunts.

24. Zing Stikbot Studio Pro Toy Figure

[amazon box=”B017KV4UT8″ template=”avgen” title=”Zing Stikbot Studio Pro Toy Figure”]Give the gift of creating and directing movies with gifts for nephews and nieces that encourage creativity. The Zing Stikbot Studio puts stop motion animation in kids hands, all they need is a smart phone or tablet and they can create short films straight from their imaginations.

25. Nerf Walkie Talkies

[amazon box=”B005GYUTWO” template=”avgen” title=”Nerf Walkie Talkies”]You can hardly go wrong with walkie talkies when choosing gifts for nieces and nephews. The Nerf Walkie Talkies set comes with two rugged designed communicators that clip onto you when not in use. They have a range of 1000 feet and also include a morse code button.

26. Tegu Blocks

[amazon box=”B00FZES62K” template=”avgen” title=”Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set”]Build up the fun with these unique wooden magnetic blocks. The Tegu Blocks are made from real wood and have magnets embedded inside them for easy and sturdy building. The blocks come in various basic shapes and are durable to last through the years. These blocks are naturally safe with no lead, no plastic, non-toxic and no small parts.

27. Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit

[amazon box=”B0060LLICC” template=”avgen” title=”Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit”]Fun gifts for nieces should encourage fun and creativity. The Loopdedoo Spinning Loom uses ordinary colored floss to let kids weave to create unique friendship bracelets, necklaces, anklets, belts, zipper pulls and much more. Included is the loom, a drawer for storage and 18 skins for thread.

28. Smart Scan Word Dash

[amazon box=”B01ASVD2JG” template=”avgen” title=”Smart Scan Word Dash”]Keep little ones busy and learning with the Smart Scan Word Dash. This fun toy comes with a multi play wand, 9 smart discs and a storage case. Kids can scan to learn the words, play seek and find games or scan the discs to play music. The wand offers three different play modes to encourage kids to get involved.

29. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

[amazon box=”B01NBTK6F5″ template=”avgen” title=”Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi”]Meet Movi, the new learning robot from Fischer-Price. This small robot is a great playmate and will help your child learn how to take direction, about the alphabet, shapes and will have fun playing games. The Fisher-Price Teach ‘n Tag Movi has 360 degrees of rotation and he has many facial expressions while playing.

30. GoldieBlox and the Builders Survival Kit

[amazon box=”B00MWVK0C8″ template=”avgen” title=”GoldieBlox and the Builders Survival Kit]Empower your nieces to build with the Goldieblox and the Builders Survival kit. This fun set includes 11 building ideas, over 190 pieces, 50 stickers, paper construction pieces, and a storybook. With GoldieBlox you can build a doghouse, a teacup ride, a derby car, a guitar and more.

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