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5 Ways Technology Inspires More Learning

Technology engages almost every student in your classroom, whether you’re using WordPress to write blog posts or playing games to learn a new science topic. This engagement is what makes tech tools effective for inspiring learning in your classroom. “I believe that kids learn better by doing, so having them actively engaged in games and creating visual presentations is a great motivator,” said Julie Sippola, a 5th grade science teacher.

But why is technology so engaging for students and how does that translate to more learning? Here are five simple answers.

Many Tech Tools Are Visual

Children have short attention spans, and visuals keep them engaged. This is [...]

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6 Steps to the Digital Transformation of a Lesson

You want to experiment with technology in your classroom but you’ve already written all your lesson plans. Better luck next year, right? Wrong—you don’t need to rewrite an entire semester of lessons to integrate technology in your classroom halfway through the year.

With a few simple steps you can transform any lesson into a digital masterpiece, sure to impress every student in your class. Take your lesson to the next level, while staying focused on the objectives of the lesson, with these simple steps.

1. Choose a Lesson

Start simple, with just one lesson. If you’re unsure about which one to go with, go through this checklist of qualifiers. If you can say yes to 3 out [...]

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5 Smart (And Fun!) Uses for Student Blogs

Some would argue that the 21st classroom isn’t complete without a classroom blog. Students can use it to hand in assignments, explore the more creative side of assignments, and learn how to be a good digital citizen.

The best part: there are many blog platforms to choose from—WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs—and most of them are free. Use these five ideas to take full advantage of this simple tool, making homework and in-class assignments more exciting and educational.

1. Teach Something to Another Student

Encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject by teaching another student instead of turning in a homework sheet or report. For [...]

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Everything YOU need to know about Teaching with Instagram

Instagram, a social picture-sharing platform, has moved from being a place where people share selfies and pictures of their cats, to become a valuable social networking resource. It works as a visual Twitter, a trendier Pinterest and a unique way for teachers and students to connect and share information. In fact, Instagram is developing a regular presence in classrooms around the world and teachers are finding creative ways to put it to good use.

Professional Networking and Idea-Sharing for Teachers

Teachers have started using Instagram like they use Pinterest, to find and share creative ideas. However, instead of pinning and viewing links to webpages and videos, Instagram [...]