12 Best Lego Technic Sets: Lego for Techies!

LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter
Since 1934, Lego has been a staple in every kids playroom. From wooden toys, to plastic blocks, Lego has now ...
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11 Best Magnetic Toys and Building Blocks for Kids

WowWee Magnaflex
If you're looking for magnetic toys for toddlers or kids, you can't go wrong with the list we've put together. Below we ...
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10 Best Marble Run Toys (Crazy Building Fun)

Marble Run Toys
Ready for a challenge parents? Yes, we mean you, as ultimately it will be you at the heart of the ...
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10 Best Lego Sets for Girls – For a Little Princess, Elf or Superhero

legos for girls
When you think of legos, most envision boyish colored bricks and simple play sets. Most kits feature boy lego people ...
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10 Best Minecraft Lego Sets

Minecraft Lego Sets
Drag your kids away from the screen with these incredible hands-on Minecraft Lego sets. Each set offers a different Minecraft ...
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