Best Toy Drones For Kids Ages 12 and Under

The best toy drones for kids are those that engage play and inspire creativity. While younger kids may love the idea of flying a drone high in the sky, many drones are not for beginners. These little machines will get thrashed about and bounced into walls so finding durable drone toys for kids is important. The drones listed below are designed for kids from 8-12 years or older.

Here are some specific things to consider when shopping for drones.


Some toy drones operate with wave control. Simply wave your hand and the drone does what you ask it to do. These drones are designed to bounce off walls, ceilings and other surfaces and can be great fun for kids. Though they take a bit of practice, they can provide hours of entertainment once a comfort level is established. An RC drone is a common pick, with kids controlling the drone’s movements with the help of the remote control. These are generally the easiest to use and master.

Those searching for gifts should think about the age of the child they are shopping for. Some RC units are easy to master while others will be a bit trickier. Consider the age as well as expertise of the child when shopping.


This is an important feature to consider. What kind of battery does the drone take? Some offer rechargeable batteries that charge in an hour to 6 hours. Often these will come with two sets of batteries (or owners can purchase a second battery) so there’s always a charged battery available for playtime. Some of the most popular drones on the market today take AAA or AA batteries, which allows for little to no downtime when the batteries need to be replaced, unlike batteries that need to be charged.


Drones for kids run the gamut from those that offer basic features to those that are fully featured. For example, some of the best toy drones might allow you to control the drone from up to 200 feet away, or offer full movement capabilities that include in-air stunt tumbling action. Most are designed to withstand at least some impact. Drones for kids are often offered in fun shapes and designs. For example, there are bird, spider, and parrot drones, as well as ball-shaped drones and even Star Wars-themed drones.