Best Beginner Drones for Older Kids and Teens

Searching for a beginner drone might seem a little overwhelming. There are such a variety of choices available and so many features to consider that picking one perfect drone might seem like an impossible task. It’s not, however; if you consider the various features that are important to you, finding drones for teens or older kids can be an easy job.

The best beginner drones will offer features that appeal to the new “flyer”. They might be built to bounce back so if the drone experiences a hard landing, it won’t break or lose pieces. Many drones for kids will come with extra blades so if blades come off during flight, you can easily replace them. In addition to bounce back construction, some drones will offer an advanced stabilization system that ensures the drone stays in the air and avoids walls and trees while users fly it. Some drones for beginners offer a headless mode, which allows you to fly the drone in any direction without fear of it going backwards. Without a directional challenge, flying a drone like this can make for easier work for the beginner user. The drones below are designed for users aged 14 years and up.


Since a beginner user is just getting comfortable with the drone, it can be helpful if the battery doesn’t run out quickly. Some of the best beginner drone models will feature extra batteries, or will allow you to charge the drone via a USB cable with your computer. If the drone charges with a battery pack, it can be helpful to buy an extra battery so one is always charging while the other is in use.

Useful Features

Even things that present themselves as toys can have useful qualities. Drones, in particular, can provide not only hours of entertainment, but can provide some usefulness as well. Many drones include small cameras that allow you to have still pictures from the drone’s flight. Many drones use iOS or Android connectivity to help you get these pictures right on your phone. Higher-end drones will also offer video capabilities, which can literally provide a bird’s-eye view from the sky. Great for large gatherings or camping trips, these videos are sharable on Facebook and Instagram for even more fun.

Finally, some beginner drones are petite, which allows for inside and outside use. They are also often easier for the beginner to maneuver. LED lights make them easy to spot when in the sky and most are designed to be durable so if they hit walls or trees, they don’t break. While most drones in the U.S. have to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, most drones for kids do not.