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10 Best Wearable Tech Toys

Whether you want to get kids moving or give them additional options for play, the best wearables for kids are usually multifunctional and fun for kids to wear and play with. Some of these wearable tech toys expound on kids’ interests, whether that’s video games, action figures or pure active play. They will inspire play and often add an element of educational fun as well. Most of these tech toys are colorful additions that inspire kids to engage with their world in a new and unique way. Parents looking for gifts for tech kids should choose a wearable that really speaks to their child’s interest.


The Moff slap bracelet connects to a smartphone or tablet and [...]

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Top 5 Kids Fitness Activity Trackers

Fitness trackers aren’t just for adults. Fitness for kids take a new turn when parents gift kids with fitness trackers that are nearly as multifunctional as the kind the parents wear. Some kids fitness tracker models are as useful and fun to use as the adult versions. When wearing their trackers, kids can count steps, watch their sleep patterns and benefit from other functions that are similar to the adult versions. Because kids are wearing them, these activity trackers are often more durable than their adult counterparts, making them a long-lasting as well as functional choice.

X-Doria Kids Fitness Tracker with Sleep Tracker

Designed for kids ages 5-13, this X-Doria kids [...]

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10 Best Make Your Own Robot Kits for Kids

Being able to create your own robot gives students and kids a great sense of achievement, with the added bonus of allowing children to develop patience, imagination and problems solving skills. There are a number of impressive kids robotics kits on the market that even parents will enjoy playing with. Plus, these types of projects provide valuable bonding time for kids and parents as it’s a toy that both can really relish. In classrooms, robotics are perfect for teaching coding to kids, there are many programmable robot kits that use a simple drag and drop programing language based on Scratch. Making your own robot is also a creative a process, where kids and students utilize their [...]

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12 Best Connected Smart Toys for Kids

The Internet is everywhere and just about anything can be connected to it, so why not toys? Gone are the days searching for batteries or lost controllers around the house, with smart toys or connected toys, so long as you have your mobile phone and a USB charger, you’re ready to play! It’s the next generation of entertainment and fun that I could only have dreamed of as a child. How lucky is this generation? Smart toys come in many forms, these wifi connected toys can be controlled by apps where users can download the toy’s application to their smart phones to fully experience the capabilities of the toy. Here is a list of the 12 best connected smart toys for kids that [...]