About Us

What is AvatarGeneration?

AvatarGeneration is an educational technology news and resource website. We set up AvatarGeneration to bring together interesting educational technology resources on the web. We believe that it is important that educators are kept up to speed with the fast-paced world of educational technology. With so many new apps, virtual worlds and online teaching tools, it can be difficult to keep track.

AvatarGeneration gives educators an up-to date directory and search engine of educational technology Apps, Educational Games, Virtual Worlds and Teaching Tools. We also dig around the web for new, exciting content, to keep educators interested in educational technology.

Why Educational Technology?

Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources (Januszewski & Molenda, 2008).

It can have a huge impact in both the improvement of student learning skills, and in the teaching methods of educators. After almost 20 years of using educational technology, research has shown its effectiveness for teaching and learning.

 “In studies of large-scale statewide technology implementations, these efforts have been correlated with increases in students’ performance on standardized tests.

Software supporting the acquisition of early literacy skills – including phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and spelling – can support student learning gains.

Mathematics software (…) that supports experimentation and problem solving – enables students to embrace key mathematical concepts that are otherwise difficult for many students to grasp.

Scientific simulations, microcomputer-based laboratories, and scientific visualization tools have all been shown to result in students’ increased understanding of core science concepts.” (Honey, 2001)

We believe that educators should have clear, interesting and exciting educational technology resources to ensure their students can learn effectively and to the best of their ability.

Who are we?

Samantha Kotey – Editor
Samantha is creative and innovative professional with extensive experience in virtual worlds, game based learning, mobile learning and integration with virtual learning environments for education.

Contact: sam [at]avatargeneration [dot]com

Silvia Gallagher – Head of Research
Silvia specializes in researching online communities and virtual worlds for learning. She has worked in various educational technology projects, focusing on virtual worlds and educational games. With a background in Social Research and Computing, she has worked in various State and non-profit research sectors.

Contact: silvia [at]avatargeneration [dot]com