15 Best 3D Pens for Kids & Artists (Updated for 2017)

3Doodler Start 3D pens for kids
Drawing has never been so advanced and intuitive with the advent of 3D pens for kids. These ordinary looking pens ...
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16 Best Kids 3D Printers for Home (Updated for 2017)

New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer
Printers are one of the most unloved tech tools around. Paper jams, low toner errors, and simply connecting to a ...
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17 Best 3D Printers for Schools and Education

3D printer for schools
Students at school are encouraged to learn by creating everything from science projects to artwork. A 3D printer for schools is the newest ...
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11 Best 3D Printing Design Software Tools For Kids

Makers Empire 3DPrinting
3D printing is a fun way to learn 3D modelling software and enter the complex world of 3D printing design. The ...
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7 Handy Websites to Download 3D Printer Files and Free STL Files

Free STL files
Free 3D printer files can transform your kids’ 3D printing projects. Rather than having to design their own objects, kids ...
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