Minecraft toys for kids

12 Cool Minecraft Toys for Kids

Keep the world building going by incorporating these cool Minecraft toys for kids. With the play sets and accessories below, you will find hours of no screen time with similar creative world building skills and role playing fun.

Kids can play out scenes from their favorite in-game moments with the action figurines, or make their own story come to life with a stop motion movie making set. There are also cool accessories for bedrooms like a torch that hangs on the wall.

These Minecraft toys for kids are a great way for everyone to take a break from the video game and interact with one another in the real world. Whether kids play alone or with friends and family, these toys are perfect for Minecraft lovers of all ages.

Cool Minecraft Toys for Kids

1. Gameband for Minecraft

If you’re looking for Minecraft toys for kids that are tech based, then the Gameband for Minecraft is a cool gift. This stunning band is worn around the wrist and has a USB plug-in so that kids can save their game or load it onto another device. When you save the game, the Gameband software automatically backs it up, so if anything ever happens to your wristband, then it will be loaded onto a replacement band. This Gameband is shockproof, splash resistant and durable for everyday wear and tear.

Ages: 7 and up

2. Minecraft Mini-Figure Collector Case

Store, Display and adventure outside with the Minecraft Mini-figure Collector Case. This plastic case holds thirty-two mini figures for fun on the go or storage when not in use. It also comes with ten mini figures to start you off with. Mini figures included are a spider, a zombie, a cow, an enderman, an ocelot, a creeper, a wolf, Alex, Steve in iron armor and a skeleton.

Ages: 6 and up

3. Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

Create and direct a Minecraft mini movie with the Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator. To make a stop motion movie, you need to download the free associated app and take photos, moving each character slightly to create a motion when replayed. This fun set comes with four mini figures, one movie stage, four backgrounds, a phone or tablet holder and a variety of props to put on the stage.

Ages: 8 and up

4. Minecraft Card Game

The object of the Minecraft Card Game is to mine, craft or reserve, in order to gain the most points. To play, you draw cards from the mining section. When you have a certain amount of goods, then you are able to craft items. Watch out though, there are creeper and TNT cards hidden in the craft pile that can make you lose points. The player who reaches the goal points first is the winner.

Ages: 8 and up

5. Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure

Lose the screen and have some hands on play time with the Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack. This set includes Steve, a workbench, pickaxe, sword, a bed and a chest. The two weapons fit inside the chest for easy storage. Explore the world, build some crafts or take a nap in the bed. You can collect all of the series one action figure packs to expand your story and play.

Ages: 6 and up

6. ThinkGeek Officially Licensed Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

Light up dark places in the coolest way with the ThinkGeek Licensed Minecraft Wall Torch. This handheld torch lights up with the help of batteries. It can sit on a flat surface or be hung on the wall at a forty-five degree angle.

Ages: 6 and up

7. Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements is what you use to build and craft in the world of Minecraft. These hard plastic pieces are compatible and made to scale for playing with the Minecraft action figurine packs. Use them to build a 3D world or put them all together to display the periodic table proudly.

Ages: 6 and up

8. Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set

Fold and create your own play set with the Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs set. This Minecraft toys for kids is an excellent break from the game to play with some hands on fun. The play set comes on sheets of durable paper, and you have to fold and interlock the tabs to create blocks, slime, a creeper, a witch, a zombie and a spider. There are also stickers included to decorate your pieces.

Ages: 6 and up

9. ThinkGeek Minecraft Light up Diamond Ore

Light up your room in the coolest way with the ThinkGeek Minecraft Diamond Ore. This grey toned cube lights up bright blue when turned on. For a quick on and off, simply lift the legs and set it back down. This powers the cube on. Do it again to turn it off. It automatically shuts off after one minute, or if put on longer settings, it will stay on for five minutes.

Ages: 6 and up

10. Lego Minecraft: Dungeon Building Kit

Minecraft toys for kids that involve Lego will always be a great hit. Build and create a dungeon that is riddled with skeletons. Use the Steve mini figure to defeat them with his pickaxe. Watch out for the launching skeleton attack door. This Lego Minecraft Dungeon has step by step instructions and included inspiration to help you build something different. Included figures are Steve, two skeletons and a treasure chest.

Ages: 8 and up

11. Minecraft Animal Toy

The Minecraft Animal Toy pack allows you to make friends and harvest their goods for crafts. This play set is compatible with the series one and two Minecraft figurines. Included is a cow, a sheep, a pig, a tamed wolf, an ocelot and a chicken. Each animal has a pixilate design and has movable parts.

Age: 6 and up

12. Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure

Be prepared for battle with the Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure. This series two figure comes with the Steve figurine and removable diamond helmet and sword. Also included is a diamond ore block for crafting. This set is compatible with other series one and two play sets. Collect them all for the ultimate Minecraft adventure.

Ages: 6 and up

Minecraft Toys for Kids

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