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11 Best Snap Circuits for Kids: Discover Electronics

If you want something fun and educational then look no further than Snap Circuits for kids from Elenco. These various snap circuit sets all offer different parts and projects in each kit. However, all the kits are compatible and are able to be intertwined to make new projects.

These build it yourself toys offer many projects to learn about circuits for kids. If you follow the instructions, they begin with simple tasks so that new builders can learn as they go. As you keep building the projects get more difficult and complicated.

The snap circuit kits are renown for being an easy, no soldering way for kids to build electronic projects. The electric modules simply snap into place and when it is all connected, you flip the switch and bask in the glory of your work.

Here are 11 of the best Snap Circuits for kids for electronic building fun!

Best Snap Circuits for Kids

1. Snap Circuits Jr.

Winner of the national Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Snap Circuits Jr. is a great way for kids to have fun while learning about working electronics. This snap circuit set comes with thirty parts and instructions for making over one hundred projects. These projects include a photo sensor, a fan, a flashing light and a siren. The instruction manual has very clear and concise instructions for making each product.

2. Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit

The Snap Circuits Arcade kit comes with thirty snap modules, which include some electrical wiring pieces. Included is the easy to read and understand instructions booklet that shows over two hundred projects for you to build. The manual also explains how each snap module works to create the brilliant display. Exciting pieces that come with this kit are a programmable word fan, a dual LED display and a pre-programmed PICAXE micro-controller.

3. Snap Circuits Lights

This snap circuits for kids set is sure to light up the night. The Snap Circuits Light kit come with fifty-five color coded circuit modules. The included booklet shows you how to make over one hundred and seventy-five projects. You can plug in your smart phone or an mp3 player to see the circuits react to it. This kit features a strobe light, a glow in the dark fan, a color changing LED light and a fiber optics light.

4. Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

Take your snap circuits set to a new level with the Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Kit. This set allows you to build on the standard flat platform and then add on wall mounted platforms and even a ceiling. You can build your sets horizontally, vertically and upside down. This kit contains over fifty modules and includes instructions for more than one hundred and fifty projects. Also included are ten new snap modules that are not in other kits.

5. Snap Circuits Motion

Put some movement in your snap circuit kit with the Snap Circuits Motion set. This kit works off the same rectangle power grid, however by using electric wires you are able to send that power to a device on the side that will roll or walk. Included in the box is a motion detector module, a mini car, a tilt alarm, a double lights motion module, a crawler module and a carousel.

6. Snap Circuits Green

Educate kids about renewable energy with the Snap Circuits Green building kit. This snap circuits set contains over 40 modules and parts that incorporate green energy into each project. Parts included are a hand crack solar cell, a FM radio, an energy compartment, a rechargeable battery, a windmill and an analog meter. While it is a different make your own power kit, it is still compatible with all other snap circuits kits.

7. Snap Circuits SC-300

This large circuits for kids set comes with over 60 snap together modules. With the Snap Circuits SC-300, you can build and create over three hundred projects. Some of the projects include building a radio, a doorbell, a burglar alarm, a two-finger touch lamp, a lie detector and a disk that flies off when powered on. This is a great set to launch your engineer into hours and hours of fun.

8. Snap Circuits SC-750

Learn and build with this ultimate snap circuits for kids set. The Snap Circuits SC-750 comes with over eighty modules for creating projects. The included booklet has over seven hundred and fifty experiments for you to build. Projects included are a sound activated switch, a lie detector, an adjustable light controller, and an AM radio. This large set includes all the projects from the SC-100, SC-300 and the SC-500 kits.

9. Snap Circuits FM Radio Kit

Build and listen to your own radio with the Snap Circuits FM Radio kit. This smaller kit has included instructions to build a working FM radio. The FM radio is able to be tuned to your favorite station when you have built and powered it on. Included in the instructions booklet are three other ideas for projects you can build with the modules. This kit is compatible with all snap circuits sets so that you can build on more fun.

10. Snap Circuits Sound Electronics Discovery Kit

Learn all about the energy of sound and how it works with the Snap Circuits Sound Electronics Discovery Kit. Included is an optical theremin keyboard that gives off various sounds. Projects that you can build are a voice changer, a voice recorder and an echo. You can also connect your smart phone to the unit to better analyze sounds with the downloadable app.

11. Snap Circuits Flying Saucer Kit

Great small kit for learning the basics, the Snap Circuits Flying Saucer Kit is sure to wow and captivate. This kit allows you to build a saucer that when powered on, spirals off the base and into the air. With this kit there are instructions to build four other projects. It’s a great gift to give to someone new to the snap circuits toys or it can be a great add on kit to larger snap circuits sets.

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