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15 Best Smartwatches for Kids: With and Without GPS Tracking

Smartwatches for kids are an exciting new toy to help them stay on track, learn to keep time, and also for parents peace of mind. When looking for a kids watch, you should decide if you want it to have GPS capabilities or not.

A GPS watch for kids will allow you to keep track of their location via an app on your phone. Some of the GPS watches allow you to make and receive calls, and get alerts from your child while they are wearing the smartwatch.

The best smart watches for kids also feature a virtual fence notification that lets you know if they have wandered outside of certain perimeters.

Non GPS watches for kids have built in apps that let them play games, tell time and use productivity apps throughout their day. These smart watches are made with fun in mind and have cameras for selfies and games they can play alone or with friends.

Kids watches can also encourage good behavior and give children an introduction into the world of keeping and telling time.

Here we have some of the best 2017 smartwatches for kids.

Best Smartwatches for Kids 2017

1. Orbo

Teach your kids how to tell the time with the bright and glossy Orbo. This kids smart watch teaches them how to read time, but also has a calculator, and fun memory and reflex games. With a bright vivid display, this kids watch is easy to navigate for little fingers. It is a good starter smart watch, as although it can connect to a phone, it can only receive but not make calls. There is also a built-in, tilt camera for snapping photos, and an expandable memory option for storing photos and games.

2. VTECH Kidizoom

Not all smartwatches for kids are made equal. With the VTECH Kidizoom, your child will be able to tell time, take photos, play games, and more. Lots of useful apps are included like an alarm, calendar, and calculator, and a touch screen makes playing with the watch a breeze. Kids can keep track of their fitness by using the pedometer, or accessing the stopwatch to set playtime goals. Motion sensor technology is integrated into the kids watch so they can play three exciting action challenges. The kids watch is also customizable with over 50 different clock face designs, and three different watch strap colors.

3. Kurio

Kurio is a fully loaded kids smart watch with fun features and apps for kids. They can take photos, answer calls when connected to a phone via bluetooth, play 20 games or use simple watch functions to tell time. Built in are productivity tools like an alarm clock, calendar, contacts and an activity tracker. Smartwatches for kids help them to have fun while learning about telling time and being responsible, and the Kurio offers plenty of features to keep them using it.

4. Moff Band

Encourage imaginative game play with the Moff Band wearable smart toy. Moving away from the traditional smart watch for kids, this band encourages kids to be lively and creative using technology. If you are looking for smartwatches for kids that don’t add more screen time, then this is a great option. Pair the smartwatch with the PBS party app and let the fun begin. Your kids will play by swinging at a piñata, pretending to bat a baseball, dance or whatever their imagination brings. Each movement unlocks a sound effect and gets kids moving. A nice option for younger kids.

5. Octopus

Octopus smart watch for kids

Teach your kid about good time management and good habits with the Octopus smartwatch. This watch teaches kids how to tell time from three different watch face designs, it handles their schedule, and alerts them to the next event. You can make a checklist for your kid, such as eating, brushing teeth, getting dressed and more. Kids can then check off each item as they do it for badges, making being responsible fun. We love the cute icons and bright watchstraps in this kids smart watch.

Best GPS Watch for Kids

6. LG GizmoPal 2

The LG GizmoPal 2 GPS watch for kids lets you keep tabs on your little one. This smartwatch can make and receive calls with a single button, so that you can always reach your child or they can reach you if they need to be picked up. You can pull up the GizmoPal’s location on a map from a smartphone app. The kids watch is water resistant, durable, and gives kids a sense of independence without having to worry about where they will be.

7. Doki Watch

This smartwatch for kids and teens combines a GPS locator and video calling feature, so that you are always able to find and see your kids when you need to. The Doki Watch has capabilities for video calling, voice calling, messaging, fitness tracking and location tracking. It also has an alert area notification, that lets you know if your child enters or leaves a certain preset area.

8. Lineable

If you’re looking for a no-fuss smartwatch for kids that tend to wander, then check out Lineable. This simple, solid color smart watch has a built in GPS locator. So, if your child wanders away from you, a notification will sound will let you know your child’s last known location. Low on features, this watch is a simple tech tool for giving you peace of mind when you are looking after an adventurous kid!

9. KigoWatch

kigo watch

The KigoWatch has a built in GPS that works in and outside of buildings. It has an integrated SIM card that works inside and outside of the US, so you don’t have to change it. If the watch is removed from your child’s wrist, then you will receive a notification immediately. The Kigo is small and lightweight so that it won’t weigh down or annoy your child.

10. Omate Wherecom K3

Omate Wherecom K3The Omate Wherecom K3 is one of the more fashionable smartwatches for kids, that has a good sized touch screen with full color display. This kids watch has a microphone and loudspeaker, so that you can make and receive calls from your child while they are wearing it. Included are pre-installed apps, a location SOS button, a pedometer to track steps and a battery reserve.

11. HereO

HerO Smart Watch

Custom made for kids only, this GPS watch for kids is designed to get peace of mind when your kids are out and about. The HereO smartwatch is made with fun colors that kids will love, and has a snug fit so it wont fall off small hands. This kids watch has a panic feature that can be triggered in an emergency, an extended battery life of sixty hours, and GPS location and alerts that are sent to your smartphone.

12. Tinitell


One of the smallest phones ever created is mounted on a small watch for your kids. The Tinitell is a simple to use smartwatch that kids can use to call or receive calls. Parents can program multiple numbers into the app on their smart phone. To use the Tinitell, kids press and hold the center button and say who they want to call. You can also use the GPS to track where your kids are at all times.

13. AmbyGear


The AmbyGear isn’t just another smartwatch for kids, instead it offers a way to help teach your kids responsibility and reward good behavior. This watch has built in GPS and messaging features so that you can stay connected. It also allows you to set up a virtual fence that will alert you if your child strays outside of it. Through gamification, this smartwatch will have your child doing daily activities that will help them be more organized and manage time better.

14. TickTalk

With a full color touch screen and phone capabilities, the TickTalk is a great option for kids. This GPS watch for kids is able to make and receive calls from up to thirteen contacts. It has a built in locator to give you accurate location of where your child is on your smartphone. Compatible with both iPhone and Android, this is a great option for both kids and parents.


Keep a close eye on your kids with the WATCHU. This GPS watch for kids allows you to pull up their location on your smart phone. It also alerts you if they wander off. You can make a direct call to them from your phone, or they can send out an emergency call directly to you. This watch also counts their steps and can link up to other kids WATCHU smartwatches for added talking and fun.

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