Minecraft Lego Sets

10 Best Minecraft Lego Sets

Drag your kids away from the screen with these incredible hands-on Minecraft Lego sets. Each set offers a different Minecraft inspired area to build, explore and play in.

Various good-guy and bad-guy figurines are included, and kids can build everything from a small hideout to a large jungle treehouse. Each play set has the option for different ways to build and evolve, allowing for maximum creativity and fun.

Kids can even link up all of the sets together to make a massive Minecraft world. These sets are a great way for Minecraft loving kids to move away from the screen and build real-life models.

Due to smaller pieces and complex builds, all the play sets are made for ages eight and up. Check out the list of the 10 best Minecraft Lego sets.

Best Minecraft Lego Sets

1. Lego Minecraft: The Dungeon Building Kit

Travel into the dungeon with your fearless adventurer Steve, and defeat the zombies with the Lego Minecraft Dungeon building kit. With two zombies, a treasure chest, a pickaxe and over two hundred pieces, kids can make up endless zombie fighting adventures.

2. Lego Minecraft: The Iron Golem

Zombies, golems, pigs and pumpkins are all part of the adventure in The Iron Golem, one of the most popular Minecraft Lego sets. Alex, the main character, uses a diamond pickaxe to mine ore and create crafts in the furnace. Kids can launch a surprise attack on the zombie with a a pop-up golem. This two hundred and eight piece set includes Alex, a zombie, a Golem and a small pink pig. Accessories include a buildable torch and a pumpkin.

3. Lego Minecraft: The Jungle Treehouse

Stay safe from attackers in The Jungle Treehouse. This battle ready house is equipped for defense. There is a trap door for lurking skeletons and an exploding staircase to ward off creepers. Slide down the waterfall for a quick attack or look after your animals during a quiet day. This seven hundred and six piece set comes with four figurines, two animals, and plenty of crafts to keep kids busy.

4. Lego Minecraft: The Ender Dragon

Attack and defend with The Ender Dragon play set that features a mighty black dragon, whose wings flap when kids press a button on his back. Also included is the fearless Steve figurine and three evil Endermen for him to defeat. This six hundred and thirty-four piece set comes with specialty pieces such as the light brick Ender crystals and black obsidian pillar elements. Weapons included are Steve’s bow and sword to protect against attack.

5. Lego Minecraft: The Fortress Building Kit

Build the ultimate castle with The Fortress Building Kit. Have a blast building with the pressure-plate doors, lookout towers, decorative creeper banners and barred windows. You can build the castle one way, and then switch it up with the various ways to build. Keep it all level or turn the lookouts into a tall tower. Includes the Steve figurine, a horse, a sheep and three skeletons. Minecraft Lego sets that have a lot of pieces will keep kids entertained for hours.

6. Lego Minecraft: The Farm

Harvest your crops with The Farm play set. Keep the animals in their pen and watch out for the evil skeleton that wants to steal your crops. This set has two hundred and sixty-two pieces. Accessories included are a crafting table, a pumpkin helmet, two torches, fences, a waterfall, sugar cane, wheat and carrots. The figures in this set are Steve, a cow, a sheep and a meddling skeleton.

7. Lego Minecraft: The Village

Take a break from fighting and visit The Village play set. This Minecraft set is full of things to do, from visiting the library, getting new weapons at the blacksmith or saying hi to the butcher. There is an iron golem that patrols the streets to keep away zombies or hostile mobs. This sixteen hundred piece set include Steve, Alex, a zombie, a zombie villager, a creeper, an enderman, a pig, a baby pig, and iron golem and two villagers.

8. Lego Minecraft: The Snow Hideout

Make your new home with The Snow Hideout play set. Build to stay alive and search for the crafty creeper that is exploring around the snowy area. This set includes Steve, a creeper and a snow golem that shoots disks from his hand to attack any unwelcome visitors.

9. Lego Minecraft: The Nether

Build and explore in one of the newest biome areas with The Nether. You can build two Ghasts figurines and a Zombie Pigman. This neat set lets you build the Nether set in multiple ways so that you can explore all the areas for treasure. Travel to different biomes when you add the Obsidian Nether Portal. Four hundred and sixty-nine pieces are in this set.

10. Lego Minecraft: The First Night

Build a shelter and stay safe during The First Night. This play set includes four hundred and eight pieces for you to build a house and a pen for your pig. The house features a removable garden roof and hinges to swing open for a better view inside. Also included is the Steve figurine, a pig and a wandering creeper. Kids can build according to the instructions or use their imagination to add on more Lego bits and pieces.

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