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10 Exciting Engineering Toys for Girls

On average, boys have more engineering driven toys than girls. That has been drastically changed with engineering toys for girls popping up all over.

These various kits and play sets encourage girls to use their imaginations and open up to the possibilities of building and interacting with toys more. No matter what young girls are into, there is a STEM based kit that will cater to their tastes. These kits allow you to build your own doll house, make a working theme park or create fashion and accessories that incorporate technology.

With these engineering toys for girls, not only will they enjoy hours of fun, but they will also be learning about moving parts, building and interjecting technology into basic designs. With simple designs to start with, as they grow the sky is the limit to how they can apply these skills into their life.

Best Engineering Toys for Girls

1. GoldieBlox

Meet GoldieBlox, the coolest inspirational figure in STEM play for girls. Goldie is just your average girl inventor, who uses blocks and cardboard cutouts to make and enhance her creative world. There are various sets that you can buy and build on. The Invention Mansion is a creative spin on a classic dollhouse. Build and design Goldie’s house complete with a trapdoor, zipline and secret spots. GoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box lets you create awesome inventions with Goldie such as a bouncing robot and a catapult. And don’t miss out on GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit. This journal plus blox kit lets you tinker and build a teacup ride, musical instruments and more!

Ages: 7 and up

2. Roominate Townhouse Building and Circuits Accessory Pack

Build your own doll house with the Roominate Townhouse Building kit. This set comes with one hundred and twenty-one pieces that includes illustrated walls, furniture building pieces, columns, wheels, axles, motor, a screwdriver and parts to make a moving fan or windmill. The Circuits Accessory Pack includes extra motor plug-ins to make your Roominate creations come to life. You can build the townhouse or build your own creation, let your imagination run wild.

Ages: 6 and up

3. LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit

The Little Bits Rule Your Room Kit, is one of the most innovative engineering toys for girls. Kids can invent their own toys using the electronics kit. The set comes with eight step by step building projects, from protecting your diary to a pop up T-Rex. Great for boys and girls, Little Bits electronics will keep kids amused for hours.

Ages: 8 and up

4. Blink Blink

Blink BlinkA successful KickStarter campaign, the Blink Blink line is made to show girls how to invent, design and craft. They currently have a line of different creative kits for girls such as the wearable tech kit, the paper circuit kit, a sparkle scarf kit, the fairy wire kit and the possibilities circuit kit. With these kits, girls can be inspired to mix technology and science into everyday fashions and decorations to take their creativity to the next level.

Ages: 10 and up

5. Wonderhood

Build and create the Wonderhood Grand Hotel, and then disassemble and build it a different way. The possibilities are endless with fun engineering toys for girls. This set features brightly illustrated scenes and rooms to bring the hotel to life. Use the three story working elevator to get Chelsea and Erik to the various floors. Also included is a staircase. Recreate the stories in the activity journal that comes with the set or make up your own adventures.

Ages: 5 and up

6. Build and Imagine: Draw and Build Dollhouse

Creative engineering toys for girls like the Draw and Build Dollhouse, are unique and unusual. This magnetic set of house building pieces, has four walls and four triangle roof pieces that are made from a white board. To play, use the four included markers to color and draw on the board pieces. Then you can assemble the house however you would like, make it into a two story open floor plan, or a flat 2d shop front design. Also included is a wooden doll to color and play with.

Ages: 4 and up

7. K’NEX Mighty Makers Ferris Wheel

Build your own fun fair with the K’NEX Mighty Makers Ferris Wheel. You can build a ferris wheel, a game booth and a swinging pirate ship. Included is a figurine and her bear. This set is not motorized, but the pieces will spin and swing. Girls will have fun learning how parts connect together to make a moving toy. This kit is easy to assemble and loads of fun to play with.

Ages: 7 and up

8. Lincoln Logs

Always popular and never out of style are the Lincoln Logs. This colorful set for girls features the standard brown interlocking logs, along with pink windows, a pink door and a purple roof. The logs are made from real stained wood and the interlocking design gives them a confident stability as your child builds. This set contains one hundred and thirty-seven pieces for endless combinations and options for building your dream cottage.

Ages: 3 and up

9. Project Mc2 Create Your Own Lip Balm Lab Kit

Have fun while learning the science behind making your own lip balms. The Project Mc2 Create Your Own Lip Balm Kit puts you in the front seat to create up to five tubes of lip balm from scratch. Learn about using exact measurements for each ingredient. You will also dive into the science behind melting the balm from a gel to liquid state in order to add all the ingredients and flavors.

Ages: 6 and up

10. Klikko Girls

Geometry has never been so much fun! With the Klikko Girls Set, your child can learn how two dimensional shapes can be added onto to make a three dimensional object. These simple shapes like squares and triangles, click together with ease to form larger shapes. With this set, girls can make a sun hat, a high heel shoe, a crown, rolling luggage and bedroom furniture. These plastic pieces are made from high quality non-toxic materials.

Ages: 5 and up

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