Spot It! On the Road Travel Game

12 Best Travel Games for Kids (Fun on the Go)

Whether you are in the car for a long road trip, visiting family or just taking a trip to the park. It’s always a good decision to bring along some travel games for kids, to help keep them occupied and having a good time.

Families have been playing games while traveling for a long time. With smart devices becoming so popular, kids seem to get lost in watching the screen for hours and not interacting as you are traveling.

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These games listed below are a great way to introduce more fun into your travels and have the kids asking for more!

Check out these travel games for kids, as an alternative to smartphones, iPads and tablets, for those planes, trains, and automobile journeys!

Best Travel Games for Kids

1. Melissa & Doug Travel Hangman

Have fun flipping over letters and body parts with Travel Hangman. One of the most portable travel games for kids, it features a wooden body and wooden tiles that flip around with ease to reveal letters and the hangman body. Also built in is an erasable white board, self storing dry erase marker and an eraser built into the top of the marker. A durable bungee rope holds the tiles in place and won’t break easily. Try to stump your friends and family with any seven or less letter word.

Ages: 3 and up

2. Uno Card Game

This family staple is great to keep on hand when you are on the go. Uno Card Game is a beloved fun game for all ages. This one hundred and eight card deck includes four suits of twenty five cards, eight wild cards and an instruction book. You can play a single players standard game, two handed, a partner included, or tournament options for more variation on this classic game. The cards store neatly in the included box and fit in almost any bag or small space. You can also elevate your favorite Uno game with the Uno Wild Jackpot Game.

Ages: 7 and up

3. Fat Brain Toys Coggy

Some travel games for kids are just addictive, and the Coggy is one of them! This is a great toy for fidgeting hands or for kids who enjoy a challenge. The Coggy is a bendable string of round disks that each offer a two hundred and fifty-five degree rotation. This allows the line of discs to be molded into multiple 2d shapes. Follow along with the included guide to solve each card by folding coggy to fit the outline. Two sides offer a color challenge or a black and white challenge.

Ages: 6 and up

4. Travel WaterWorld

Play by yourself or invite a friend to help you overcome the challenge with the Travel WaterWorld game. This thought provoking travel game boosts your logic and spatial reasoning skills. To play, you open the book and use the four magnetic lily-pad pieces to cover the various fish. Each puzzle has four squares with fish in a pattern, so you have to use all four of the lily-pads. The game offers forty-eight challenges that range from easy to master levels.

Ages: 5 and up

5. Spot It

Find the match first to win the Spot It game. Featuring various symbols and animals on the round shape cards, each card has eight symbols and every card has a matching symbol to each other. To play, simply pass out cards and lay one on the table. Spot the match to lay down your card quickly. The first one to lay down all their cards wins. This fun for all ages range of travel games for kids, includes Spot it! On the Road, Spot it Hip and even Finding Dory Spot it.

Ages: 7 and up

6. IQ Twist

Test your self with over one hundred challenges on the IQ Twist travel game for kids. Great for traveling, all the pieces fit snugly in the compact case and stay secure when closed. To play, open the included booklet and find a challenge. It will show you where to place the single pegs on the game board. Once placed, you then need to fit the looping game tiles over and around them. Each game tile has only one or two open loops to fit over a peg. The booklet includes all the solutions.

Ages: 6 and up

7. Simon Micro Series Game

This downsized version of Simon Says is one of those travel games for kids that can fit right in the palm of your hand. The Simon Micro Series fits in almost any bag and has no small pieces to lose. Easy to play but challenging to conquer, just listen and watch as the game gives out a random pattern, then you repeat it. As the game goes on there is more to recall. You can play solo or pass it to a friend.

Ages: 8 and up

8. Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Keep this fun travel card game in the car for long road trips. The Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids will keep their eyes peeled for the next item on the list. included are fifty-four scavenger hunt cards that are for two or more players. Each card has a picture and a written word for the players to find, like a stop sign or a yellow car. There are special sensory cards mixed in that encourage player to feel it, smell it or hear an item.

Ages: 7 and up

9. Ring It! The Clap and Ring Game

The fun never stops with the Ring It! game. Perfect for travel, the game is great for two or nine players. To play, everyone gets ten cards. Then when you see a match, you have to clap and ring the included bell before your opponents to win the cards laying down. You can choose to do simple card matches such as the same color, number or outside design that lays down next to each other. Or you can make it more complex by make it a sandwiched match, or numbers that add up to make another card lying down match.

Ages: 5 and up

10. Fashion Plates Travel

The Fashion Plates Travel set is perfect for your little designer on the go. This set includes eight fashion plates, ten sheets of paper, four crayons, two rubbing crayons, one crayon holder and one storage tablet. All the pieces fit inside the storage tablet neatly for neat travel every time. When you want to design, simply pick out the plates you want to match, secure them in the slots and place the paper down. Snap the storage tablet closed and use the rubbing crayon to bring your design to life.

Ages: 6 and up

11. Rubiks Twist

Think outside of the box with the fun to play Rubiks Twist. Instead of switching colors around in a set shape, the twist allows you to unravel the cube into a straight line of pieces to twist and curve the toy into a 3D shape. Simple and easy to make shapes are squares and hearts, or you can do something complex like an elephant, dog, snake or a three sided bow. The possibilities are endless and provide hours of creative fun.

Ages: 8 and up

12. Alex Toys Artist Studio Desk To Go

Color, draw or write on the go with the Alex Toys Artist Studio Desk. This folding lap pad has a sturdy middle that allows kids to color or draw with ease. A comfy bean bag underside keeps laps comfy while in use. There are four elastic bands on each corner to hold paper in place. Two zippered side bags hold pencils and other small objects. When not in use the side bags fold in and fasten together for easy storage.

Ages: 3 and up

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