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11 Best Robotics for Kids: Inventor Kits that Unleash Imagination

Watch in amazement as your kids have a blast learning about STEM as they play. With robotics for kids, the entertainment never ends and neither does their learning experience.

While kids are building and programming their robots, they are learning how moving parts fit and work together to create a common goal.

The following robotics kits vary in their limitations and capabilities. Some kits are very simple and easy, you can build a few different robots and use a controller to drive them. Other sets offer endless possibilities from building to designing and even programming.

Here are 11 of the best robotics for kids in 2017, for inventing and building robots.

Best Robotics for Kids

1. UBTECH Jimu Inventor Kit

[amazon box=”B01EXCZH0S” template=”avgen” title=”UBTECH Jimu Inventor Robot Kit”]Build, create and control you very own robot with the UBTECH Jimu Inventor robot kit. This amazing kit comes with all the parts you will need to build one of six robots. You will need to have a smart device to download the associated app that will give you step by step instructions to build your robot. Once built the app shows you how to control him and use coding to make him walk, dance and perform other tricks. This robotics for kids kit has so many options for making and moving the robot, it’s only limited by imagination.

2. Lego Boost

Lego Boost

Build, code and play with the Lego Boost robotics for kids set. Choose from one of five robots to build, either a robot, a cat, a vehicle, a 3D printer or a fully playable guitar. Once built, you use your smart device to code the robot to do fun stuff. The possibilities are unending with this fun robotic kit and kids will enjoy playing with it nonstop.

3. Little Bits

[amazon box=”B01G9HX5O0″ template=”avgen” title=”Little Bits Rule Your Room”]Protect your room like a pro with the Little Bits Rule Your Room kit. This basic guard robotics set comes with instructions to build eight projects. You can make a launching trebuchet to protect your diary, or a pop up T-Rex that has a motion sensor. Online you can find thousands more inspirations for projects to build. The number of things you can build are unlimited, when you understand the basics of putting the pieces together.

4. Cubelets

[amazon box=”B0187R3TSM” template=”avgen” title=”Cubelets TWELVE Robot Blocks”]Small but mighty, this robotics toy is excellent for younger beginners. Cubelets are small cubes, that when stacked together, make a fun robot toy. There are three different types of cubes. Action cubes do something, like roll or spin. The sense cubes have built in sensors that can sense motion and act upon it. The think cubelets can do math or logic problems, they are the little brains that you add to your creation. Each cubelet connects to the other magnetically, so easy to put together or take apart.

5. K’NEX Education – Robotics

[amazon box=”B01B55C6PA” template=”avgen” title=”K’NEX Education Robotics”]Let your creative mind run wild with the K’NEX Education robotics for kids set. Build and play with nine different K’NEX models. The main construction is a robot that walks. This kit includes a control box, four motors, one push-button sensor, one distance sensor, one tri-color LED and a downloadable teacher’s guide with five progressive lesson plans. Some of the other projects you can build are a line tracker, an airplane with retractable wheels, a robot dog and a car bot.

6. VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit

[amazon box=”B00ON4F7SE” template=”avgen” title=”Hexbug VEX IQ”]Exciting to build and easy to control, the Hexbug VEX IQ is a great set for beginners to intermediate kids looking to create and play with their own robot. This robot kit for kids comes with easy to follow building instructions. Once you have learned the basics then the building possibilities are limitless. You can customize this robot with a variety of sensors. They include a color sensor, a bumper switch and a touch LED.

7. Robolink

[amazon box=”B0165RZJPW” template=”avgen” title=”Robolink”]The Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit, lets you build eleven different projects. The instructions are easy to follow and understand, but they do not come in the box. You have to go to the website to view and follow the guides for each project. You can build a line following robot, a rubber band gun robot, an edge detection robot and a interactive game robot. Tools are included in the box for building.

8. Meccano Super Construction Set

[amazon box=”B000GOF5S2″ template=”avgen” title=”Meccano Super Construction Set”]Power up your robot with a 6v electrical motor. The Meccano super construction set lets kids build one of twenty-five motorized robot models. This kit has over six hundred and forty real metal parts that you will use to build your robot. You can build a crane, a windmill, an airplane, a helicopter or a land rover. Then bring your robot to life using the 6v motor. Also included is a plastic storage case.

9. Thames & Kosmos Robotics Workshop Kit

[amazon box=”B01CNSPGU0″ template=”avgen” title=”Thames & Kosmos Robotics Kit”]Choose your robot and build with the Thames & Kosmos Robotics Kit. This great set comes with all the pieces you need to create and program ten various robots. The ninety-six page instruction booklet has color pages that begin with a simple to build sensor robot that can sense obstacles and avoid them. As you go through the book the builds become more difficult and challenging.

10. Engino Discovery STEM Robotics Pro Construction Kit

[amazon box=”B01DW2AK20″ template=”avgen” title=”Engino Discovery STEM Robotics Pro Construction Kit”]Learn while you play with the Engino Discovery Robotics Kit. This set lets kids build eight fully programable robots and eventually they can build their own. Each robot is able to bluetooth connect to a smartphone or tablet for controlling and programming. Included are five LEDs, two IR sensors, three motors and an independently programmable controller.

11. SAM Labs Curious Kit

[amazon box=”B01M0F8OVC” template=”avgen” title=”Sam Labs Curious Cars Kit”]Easy to build and fun to customize, the Sam Labs Curious Cars Kit is perfect for an introduction to robotics for kids. You can build a simple car body, using wheels, motors and sensors. Then punch out and glue shut multiple paper car tops that let you customize what type of vehicle you want to drive. The included controller moves the car around at a decent speed. No complicated programming or coding needed.