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10 Best Lego Sets for Girls – For a Little Princess, Elf or Superhero

When you think of legos, most envision boyish colored bricks and simple play sets. Most kits feature boy lego people with the occasional and sometimes forgotten female character.

Nowadays, when you walk down a lego aisle there are more inventive buildings and a new section of legos for girls. Partnering with Disney and DC, lego has begun making specialized princess castles and superhero play sets that are geared specifically towards girls.

Additionally, lego has released their own branded kits featuring fantasy based elves and goblin action play sets. These new kits feature mainly female characters while adding in male sidekicks or villains.

The variation in sets cater to every girl, whether they prefer an easy role play of scenes from their favorite princess movie or if they would rather leap into action to save the day as a super hero or magical fighting elf.

Here are the 10 best legos for girl for your little princess, elf or superhero!

1. Moana’s Island Adventure

Build and play on Moana’s island with Moana and her pet pig Pua. Moana’s Island Adventure features island inspired colored bricks for luscious greenery with pink accent flowers. This set includes the kit to build Moana’s house, a fire-pit for cooking and a cave area that features a waterfall. Accessories include a banana, pineapple, two fish, shell, coconut bowl, oar and the heart of Te Fiti. The waterfall has a secret reveal play and the cave area has special drums for Moana to play.

Ages: 5-12

2. Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Castle

Recreate your favorite scenes from frozen with Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Castle. This ice toned legos for girls kit comes with Elsa, Anna and Olaf as the main characters. Also included are a pair of skis, ice skates, two capes, a tiara, a hair bow and a carrot nose for Olaf. Elsa’s magic castle features a folding ice spiral staircase, three levels of play, a two person sleigh and an ice ramp to sled on. The ice ramp also opens to reveal a hideaway for treasure or snacks.

Ages: 6-12

3. Belle’s Enchanted Castle

Be our guest as you play in Belle’s Enchanted Castle. This two story castle comes with loads of accessories and characters. Playable characters include Belle, a transforming Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Plumette, The Wardrobe and The Chief Stove. Inside the castle, Belle and the Beast can dance in the interactive turntable ballroom, read a book in the library, eat dinner in the dining room, push Mrs. Potts and chip on the cart or look out over the balcony.

Ages: 6-12

4. Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

Get swept off your feet while building and playing with Cinderella’s Romantic Castle. This deluxe legos for girls set lets you build a three story castle, an outdoor dining area and a swing. The characters included are Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lucifer the cat and Bruno the dog. Included accessories are Cinderella’s enchanted shoe, a love letter, a tiara, five heart shaped diamonds, lipstick, a brush, a treasure chest and a key for the door. The castle has a bedroom, ballroom with turning dancefloor, a cozy fireplace and a balcony to look over.

Ages: 6-12

5. Ariel’s Amazing Treasures

Swim and play in this great mini play set featuring Ariel and Flounder in an underwater adventure. Ariel’s Amazing Treasures set is full of under the sea decorations to give off realistic play. This legos for girls set includes an opening and closing golden gate, a treasure chest and a seaweed covered tile. Little treasures you can find and hide in the chest are a diamond, a music sheet, a shell with a hidden pearl, and a starfish.

Ages: 5-12

6. Super Hero High School

Study hard to save the day with the DC Super Hero High School from Lego. This large play set features a three story school with a centered tower. On top of the tower is a large valuable amethyst element that the villain Lena Luther character is trying to steal. When action calls, the school transforms into a defensive mode with a ramp that lowers and a disc shooter. This set includes Lena Luther, Supergirl and Poison Ivy characters.

Ages: 8-12

7. Batgirl Batjet Chase

Take the wheel and capture the bad guy with the DC Batgirl Batjet Chase play set. This great legos for girls set features a Batgirl figure and a fearful yellow Kryptomite bad guy. The batjet shoots studs from the wings and launches a net in the front. It features an opening cockpit and secret storage space for Batgirls ePad. Also included is the bad guys getaway buggy that has a mechanic arm to hold Batgirls ePad on the front.

Ages: 7-12

8. Wonder Woman Dorm

Relax in your room that is equipped to handle bad guys with the DC Wonder Woman Dorm play set. Included in this set is a bedroom area with a workstation for Wonder Woman’s invisible bike. Turn the crank to make the bike spin or use some of the included tools to tune it up. When the suspicious orange Kriptomite sneaks in, Wonder Woman can use her magic lasso to capture him and hold him in her wardrobe.

Ages: 7-12

9. Magic Rescue From The Goblin Village

Hurry to the village and save your friends in the Lego Elves Magic Rescue From The Goblin Village play set. This legos for girls set includes three village buildings, five figurines, a trap carriage and an evil seed bomb launcher. The two elves included, Azari and Farran must fight off the goblins Bieblin, Fibblin and Smilin to save the village and their pet friends Panthara the panther and Hidee the chameleon. The dungeon building features an exploding gate and a goblin slide.

Ages: 7-12

10. Aira’s Airship and the Amulet Chase

Have a thrilling high speed duel up in the air with Lego Elves Aira’s Airship and the Amulet Chase. This set includes a beautifully designed airship, a goblin glider and three figurines. The characters in this play set are Aira, Emily Jones and the goblin Dukelin. The airship has a spinning propeller, extending sings and a storage hatch. The goblin glider has moveable wings and evil seed shooters. Additional accessories are a blueprint book, map, compass, stud elements, evil seeds, an amulet, a crossbow and two berries.

Ages: 8-12

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