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16 Best Drones for Kids and Teens: Popular & New in 2017

The best drones for kids are those that engage play, inspire creativity and don’t break after being bounced into walls!

While younger kids may love the idea of flying a drone high in the sky, many drones are not for beginners. These little machines will get thrashed about so finding a durable drone is important.

There is such a variety of features to consider, that picking the perfect drone might seem like an impossible task. Finding drones for teens is an easier job as the majority of drones are suitable for over 14’s. Some drones feature very high resolution HD cameras, some only take still pictures, and others are just great fun for gaming.

Gearing up for the holiday season, many new drones will be available later in the year. Here is a list of 16 popular and soon to be released drones for kids and teens in 2017.

Popular Kids Drones

1. WowWee Lumi

The WowWee Lumi is one of the most popular drones for kids. Not only does it fly, but there’s lots of in-app gameplay to keep kids entertained. Connect this drone to your smart device to play the games and navigate. It is equipped with EX flight technology for instant stabilization and tricks with a simple push of the button. It has a follow me mode, to follow the pilots every move and you can also program it to perform custom choreographies to music.

2. Eachine E010

The Eachine E010 falls in the category of great starter drones for teens. It’s small, easy to learn and a fun to fly toy drone which is great for beginners or experts alike. This drone has a built in positioning system that allows it to locate the controller’s location and fly back. Also, it will turn as you turn the controller, this gives a more inflight feel to the driver. It features a unique 360 degree rolling effect that wows onlookers.

3. WowWee REV

The WowWee REV drone and car kit features a ground to air combat that allows you to control either vehicle for a stealth getaway ride or in air strike mode. The drone is self aware, and can detect the car to instantly track on and follow it. You can compete against your friends for high scores or against AI drivers on your device. Both the drone and the car feature the tracking capabilities for constant play.

4. Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter Car

The Syma X9 is a flying car drone. When on the ground, you can drive this cool drone via a remote control. When it’s time to fly it takes off within seconds. On land and in the air, this drone features a two speed mode. The drone is abel to do a 360 degree flip with ease. Great for beginners, the Syma X9 is easy to fly with a forgiving controller. The battery allows about seven to ten minutes of constant flight.

5. MOTA JETJAT Ultra Drone

Compact yet full of features, this small drone will wow your family and friends. The JETJAT Ultra Drone fits in the palm of your hand. It is loaded with cool features such as, hover ready and throw to fly capabilities. It has a camera for live streaming or taking photos. Its compact size make it perfect for taking it on the go. The controller holds your smart phone for wifi use and it expands for better flying control.

6. SkyViper Streaming Video Drone

Take to the skies with the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Video drone. One of the coolest drones for teens, it’s equipped with HD video streaming and recording, so you can recall your great flight adventures. The Sky Viper can also perform one touch stunts and has auto flight assistance for easier landing and takeoffs.

7. Barbie Star Light Adventure

So even Barbie has a drone! This exciting Barbie themed hovercraft drone targeted at girls is very easy to use. Once you’ve charged your drone you’re ready to set out on the Barbie Star Light Adventure. A Barbie figure sits on top of the drone, just like in the same titled movie and heads up the expedition. This drone is wirelessly controlled by a simple joystick controller. One button launches and lands, the joystick moves the drone and a dial raises the drone up and down.

8. Parrot Bebop

The Parrot Bebop is a drone that parents will want to play with. It comes with or without FPV cockpit glasses for total immersion in the sky and shoots in full HD 1080p video. Parrot make a range of spectacular drones for teens, beginners and professionals alike. Some Parrot drones such as the Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider can also be programmed with Tynker for educational fun!

9. Wonder Chopper

Drones for kids need to be crash proof, so the Wonder Chopper is a great choice. This Quadcopter is durable and can withstand crashes due to its screw reinforced three blade propellers. It flies for six minutes with a distance of fifty feet. It only takes an hour to charge the battery, so that you can get back out there quicker. The six axis design makes it a more stable drone which is easier for beginners to fly. It can perform 360 degree flips and has LED lights.

10. Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quad

Pilot the most iconic ship in the galaxy with the Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon. The controller has built in sound effects for Chewbacca and an overdrive feature that activates lights and sounds while propelling the drone forward. This drone has four propellers for flight and can fly up to two hundred feet away. Air Hogs design several drones for kids, suitable for young ages.

New Kids Drones Coming Soon in the Fall!

11. Aura by KD Interactive

Aura Glove Drone

The Aura Drone is an exciting new toy drone by KD Interactive. Kids wear a glove that controls the drone using simple hand motions. The gesture-controlled drone uses patented Gesturebotics™ technology powered by LocoRobo. Kids can fly Aura up and down, forward and backwards, and even perform tricks like a sideways flip! Designed for kids age 7 and up, this is one drone to watch out for.

12. Makeblock Airblock

If you’re looking for drones for kids and teens that are educational, then the Makeblock Airlock is one to watch. Developed with STEM learning in mind, kids can learn how to program the drone for flight. When you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, you are able to write your own coding for tricks. The propeller houses are connected by magnets so you can change the shape of the drone or connect it to a hovercraft. Crash tested and able to resist bumps, this drone was made for play.

13. Bumper Drone

Although many drone for kids promise to be crash proof, a drone with an airbag will definitely bang off walls! The Bumper Drone was created with an airbag like surrounding barrier to keep the drone safe from crashes. The barrier is designed like a fun character that kids will love. This drone bumps and bounces off of walls and other objects with ease. It also features high tech components similar to other drones on the market, such as auto takeoff, auto landing and altitude hold. Also equipped for fun is a 720p HD camera.

14. Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset

Get the full drone experience with this new Aig Hogs DR1 FPV Drone. The FPV stands for first person view. You can achieve this amazing sight by putting on the included virtual reality headset that gives you the view from the sky. This set is highly recommended for drone racers because they would have the upper hand being able to see what the drone sees as it’s flying. On a full charge, this drone has a flight life of ten to fifteen minutes.

15. Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone

With the Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone you get the best of land and air play. Glide across the floor on a gliding hover craft while your drone sits sideways on it to power it forward. Then unleash your drone and fly it around. The drone has a four prong cage over the top to protect it from impacting the propellers and to flip it back on its feet during a rough landing. This way you can always be ready to take off!

16. Air Banditz Battle Quadcopters

Take on your friends and family with the Air Banditz Battle Quadcopters. These drones for teens and kids alike, have built in laser firing points to tag other drones. Play laser tag with your drones, or have an all out war. You can link and play with up to sixteen other drones at one time. These drones are small and can turn flips with ease to avoid being tagged. You are able to play in three speeds, so that beginner, intermediate and advanced fliers can enjoy at their own level.

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