Funny Board Games for Kids

15 Best Board Games for Kids (to make them laugh)

Looking for a fun filled family game night guaranteed to make someone laugh?

Then look no further than these funny board games for kids. These games try to tickle your funny bones and keep you laughing along as you play.

Some of these games are centered on kid humor, such as pulling boogers, picking up dog poop and unclogging a toilet. There are even a couple of throwbacks from the nineties in the mix for parents who want to relive some of their favorite childhood games.

Don’t be fooled by all the fun you are having, these games also teach kids how to think strategically and work to outsmart each other. While some are random, others will have you working out ways to win by logic or skill.

Don’t miss out on these 15 best board games for kids to make them laugh!

Best Board Games For Kids

1. Watch Ya Mouth – Family Edition

There are many Kickstarter board games, but this one has been flying off the shelves and into everyone’s wish list. The Watch Ya Mouth family edition is full of family-safe phrases that are sure to have everyone laughing for hours on end. To play, insert the mouth guard and pull cards. Each person must try to guess what you are saying to win the card. The person with the most cards at the end wins. Included are ten mouthpieces (six medium, four small).

Ages: 8 and up

2. Pop the Pig

Fun for all ages, Pop the Pig is a great game to keep kids laughing. To play, roll the die to get a colored hamburger. Once you get your color, pick up a hamburger and check the bottom. It will tell you how many times you have to pump the pigs head. Feed him the hamburger and pump. Each pump will make his belly grow until his shirt pops open! All the pieces store conveniently inside the pig when not playing.

Ages: 3 and up

3. Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy is one of those funny board games for kids that you keep coming back to play! The dog sits in a bath and kids take turns pressing the shower button to wet him. Kids will find it hilarious watching the dog shake off all the water, and getting a little bit wet in the process. The dog itself has a cool texture to it, with lots of little rubbery hairs. Soggy Doggy is a fun family game especially for preschoolers.

Ages: 4 and up

4. Boom Boom Balloon

Don’t pop the Boom Boom Ballon in this fun for all ages game. Blow up your balloon and place him in the circle. Then each person takes a turn rolling the dice. Whatever number comes up, is the number of pegs that you strategically place into the circle. Each peg pokes the balloon and pushes it in. When too many pegs are pushing down, then the balloon will pop and that person loses. This game includes twelve balloons.

Ages: 8 and up

5. Pie Face Showdown

This is the game that has taken the internet by storm with hilarious videos. Spray some whipped cream (not included) on the hand, use the spinner and turn the crank. If you turn it too many times the hand will pop up and splat you with whipped cream. Take it to the next level with Pie Face Showdown. Two players try to press their button faster than the other. Too slow and the hand will crank over to your side and SPLAT!

Ages: 5 and up

6. Toilet Trouble

Funny board games for kids that include a squirting toilet are bound to raise a few laughs. To play, pour a small amount of clean water into the Toilet Trouble bowl. Each player takes a turn spinning the toilet paper and flushing as many times as directed. Be careful though, one too many flushes and the toilet will burst, spraying up a small amount of water at the player. Stay dry longer than your opponents and you win.

Ages: 5 and up

7. Catch the Fox

This hilarious game of Catch the Fox, focuses on a Fox as he tries to smuggle away chickens in his trousers. When his pants get too full, they will fall down and the baby chickens will escape. Players must scramble fast to collect all the baby chickens and return them to the coup before the fox can steal them again. This game allows two to four players and promises you will be laughing every time.

Ages: 4 and up

8. Gooey Louie

Picking boogers just became one of the most funny board games for kids. With Gooey Louie players take turn pulling boogers out of his nose. Each player takes a turn to reach up Louie’s nose and pull a long green booger out. Watch out, one random booger will give Louie a bad reaction and his eyes will pop while his brain flies out. Kids will laugh along and help finely tune their motor skills with this fun game.

Ages: 4 and up

9. Wet Head Game

Take the Wet Head challenge with your friends and family in this fun and refreshing game. To play, fill the hat with ice cold water and then place it on the first players head. Spin the dial and see how many pegs you have to pull. Spin you hat and pull the pegs. When your turn is done pass it on. When the wring peg is pulled, the ice cold water spills out of the hat and onto you!

Ages: 6 and up

10. Doggie Doo

Teach your kids about responsibility while laughing along to funny noises. Doggie Doo is one of those funny board games for kids that will have you shaking your head in disbelief. To play, feed doggie and then roll the die. Whatever number you land on tells you how many times to squeeze the leash. Each squeeze moves the food through doggies tummy, eliciting gassy noises. Keep your shovel behind him because after a few squeezes doggie is gonna doo! Clean up after him three times to win.

Ages: 4 and up

11. Yeti in My Spaghetti

Yeti in My Spaghetti is a bowl full of fun that they will keep kids asking for seconds. This fun board game for kids is excellent for teaching patience and thinking before you act. Players take turns pulling a single piece of curvy spaghetti out of the pile over a bowl. Sitting in the middle is the Yeti. Be careful when you pull, one wrong move will drop the Yeti into the bowl and the game is over.

Ages: 4 and up

12. Don’t Wake Daddy

Popular kids board games from the 90s are back!is sure to have your whole family laughing and having a great time. Don’t Wake Daddy is for two to four players. The object of the game is to make it around the board from your bed to the refrigerator for a bedtime snack. Along the way are noisy tiles, if you land on one and don’t have the matching card to silence it, then you have to press Daddy’s alarm clock.

Ages: 3 and up

13. Egged On Game

Water games are always fun and Hasbro’s Egged On Game is no exception. The game comes with an egg carton full of 10 empty eggs. Simply fill each egg with water and place them back. Using the spinner kids take turns playing egg roulette and hope they don’t land on the turn to get egged on! Another family game that’s sure to be a hit.

Ages: 5 and up

14. Shark Bite

Trapped in the giant jaws of this shark are fish ready to be hooked. Kids take turns rolling the die and use their fish hook to grab a fish. What’s fun about this game is the the way the jaws close together and the Shark Bite body becomes longer as it stands up. The shark sticks to a table surface with suckers attached to the bottom to keep it sturdy when the shark jumps up.

Ages: 4 and up

15. Pop Up Pirate

Don’t be the one to walk the plank in this fun game! Pop Up Pirate is an easy to pick up and play game. Each member takes a turn putting a colorful sword into the barrel. One random sword will trigger the pirate to spontaneously pop up and out. Keep playing until one person doesn’t pop out the pirate and wins. No batteries are required to play this board game for kids.

Ages: 4 and up

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