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15 Best 3D Puzzles for Kids – Ultimate Brain Teasing Fun!

Enjoy doing puzzles? Take it to the next level with these great 3D puzzles for kids and adults too! Each puzzle offers a fun way to challenge young minds, and are a sure bet to get kids thinking outside the box.

While most of these puzzles are for single players, many offer multiplayer for families and friends to join in to help. From 3D jigsaws to 3D cubes, there is something to suit everyone who likes problem solving.

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People have been obsessed with puzzles since the Rubik’s cube captivated minds of all ages. Below you’ll find some cool variations and twists on the Rubik’s cube for brain teasing fun. Puzzles are great to fidget with and 3D jigsaw puzzles add an extra layer of creativity as you get to build something you can hold.

With so many to choose from, here are some cool 3D puzzles for kids for hours of fun!

Best 3D Puzzles for Kids

1. Color Cube Sudoku

Color Cube Sudoku from Thinkfun is a twist on the well known classic game of Sudoku and the Rubik’s cube. Instead of using numbers, the game uses colored cubes. Players have to arrange the cubes in such a way so there are no colors repeated in any columns or rows. With nice bright colors this is sure be some puzzling fun.

Ages: 8 and up

2. Ravensburger Sneaker 3D Puzzle

Build a 3D puzzle that you can use to hold your pencils and pens! The Ravensburger Sneaker 3D puzzle, comes in a variety of colors like the Animal Trend, American Flag and Graffiti style. There are 108 pieces in this box made from plastic so the object can hold it’s shape. It’s nice to find a puzzle that can have multiple uses when completed.

Ages: 8 and up

3. Cube-Tastic Puzzle Cube

Great for all ages who enjoy solving puzzle cubes, but can get stumped easily. The Cube-Tastic Puzzle Cube links with your smart phone or tablet to give you a step by step visual aid to solving the cube. Simply download the app to your device and link the cube by snapping the screenshots in the app. Finally follow along with the program to solve the cube with easy to apply instructions. The app lets you solve the cube every single time and is one of the best 3D puzzles for kids who love playing on a tablet or iPad. See our review of the Cube-Tastic.

Ages: 3 and up

4. Laser Maze Logic Game

Use your mind to move the laser in this great game. The Laser Maze Logic Game uses a real laser to challenge your brain to insert the correct pieces to get the laser beam transferred to its target. This game comes with sixty challenge cards from easy to expert. The cards show a basic grid with a few mirrors or checkpoints placed. Your job is to place the remaining pieces in order to transfer the beam to the target.

Ages: 8 and up

5. Cool Circuits Junior Puzzle

Think inside the box with this kid version of a popular game. The Science Wiz Cool Circuits Junior challenges your ability to sort and link the various squiggly pieces to form a completely enclosed link. When all the pieces are connected, the game board will light up in a victory display. The game comes with forty unique puzzles and a solution book. Each puzzle has a random variation with pre-placement pieces for you to build onto.

Ages: 6 and up

6. Perplexus Original

The Perplexus Original offers twenty-two feet of track that is looped and curved into the small clear sphere. The track has one hundred challenging barriers to cross, and if your ball falls off then you have to start over from the beginning. With patience and a steady hand, you can master the challenge! It’s one of those 3D puzzles for kids that doesn’t age and can be played with time and time again.

Ages: 8 and up

7. SainSmart Jr Wooden Tetris Puzzle

A list of 3D puzzles for kids would not be complete without Tetris! Colorful and made from quality wood, the SainSmart Jr Wooden Tetris Puzzle is an excellent way to enhance your learning or sharpen old skills. This set is the mirror of the classic video game, but allows you to feel and see a 3D version of each puzzle piece. Simple fit all the pieces together to complete the puzzle, allowing no spaces between the blocks.

Ages: 2 – 8 years

8. Kanoodle Extreme

Great for home or on the go, the Kanoodle Extreme is a brain teasing good time that fits in your pocket. This game has 12 puzzle pieces that are little balls melded together. To play, you can choose from a 2D or 3D puzzle. The puzzle cards tell you where to place the first few pieces. After that, you have to solve the puzzle by fitting the rest of the pieces in. Three hundred and three puzzle anagrams are included.

Ages: 8 and up

9. Back-Spin Handheld Puzzle Game

The Back-Spin Puzzle is great for all ages. This easy to learn puzzle has two sides that each hold colorful marbles in sets of three. To play, simply twist the back and push the marbles through the holes to scramble them. When satisfied, begin to twist again and solve by regrouping all the colored marbles into their single colored sets. Great for traveling, it is fully enclosed with no small parts to get loose or be lost.

Ages: 8 and up

10. 3D Hogwarts Great Hall Puzzle

Let your inner wizard take delight as you rebuild the place where it all began. The Wrebbit 3D Hogwarts Great Hall puzzle is an accurate depiction of the castle from the movies and books. This 3D jigsaw castle has a large tower, courtyard and secondary wing to give a visually stunning finished product. The Great Hall is part of a unique and exclusive Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection, that features the famous buildings from the series.

Ages: 12 and up

11. Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle

Solve the puzzle inside the sphere with the Brainstring Advanced Puzzle. Clear with little single colored points around it, it’s one of the more brain teasing 3D puzzles for kids. Each point is connected on the opposite of of the sphere by an elastic string that goes through the middle. To play, move the point around through the cut out paths to cross them and make the stings inside knot. To solve, untangle the knot and get the single colored points back to their set.

Ages: 9 and up

12. Mefferts Gearball Brainteaser Puzzle

Take your puzzle to the next level with the Mefferts Gearball Brainteaser Puzzle. Similar to a Rubik’s cube, it has a gear built into each of the four sides. These gears function to spin the colors around in the middle spaces. With six sides, each is outlined by black ridges, that help to give your hands a better grip on the sphere as you spin to solve the gearball.

Ages: 6 – 15

13. Ravensburge 3D Children’s Globe

Make your own globe with the Ravensburger Children’s Globe puzzle. This kit contains a one hundred and eighty piece puzzle that creates a 3D globe when completed. The curved puzzle pieces fit each other with ease to form the perfectly smooth sphere shape. There is no glue required to hold the pieces together. Included is a stand for the globe, however it does not allow the globe to spin. The finished product is a great display piece for any kid’s room.

Ages: 8 and up

14. Micro Q-Bot Game

This not as easy as it looks, the Micro Q-Bot game is a guided maze in the palm of your hands. To play, turn the clear cube to guide the small metal ball to the beginning ramp. Once on it, you slowly turn the cube to guide the ball through the various paths to get to the end.

Ages: 8 and up

15. Cinderella’s 3D Castle

Last but not  least, a Disney approved puzzle is sure to win the heart of any princess. Cinderella’s 3D castle is a two hundred piece puzzle that recreates the magical castle from the beloved Disney animated movie. The puzzle pieces are made from a foam material that gives them a stiff feel so they don’t fall over as you build. Instructions are included to help guide you but are not color coded. This beautiful princess castle is great for display in any little girls room, or as a center piece for a princess party.

Ages: 6 and up

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