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9 Best Science Kits For Kids (Explosive Fun)

Kids are a curious bunch and science can be a fun and exciting way to learn about the world around them. Traditional science kits for kids have basic lab equipment like test tubes and chemicals, guidelines for experiments, and safety gear.

But many newer sets are more lively and kid-friendly with lots of different science themes like food science, volcanos, and the human body.

When buying science kits for kids, keep an eye out for safety gear included, and whether it is age appropriate. Some of the kits for younger children may seem basic, but they can be more suitable for younger minds. Sets for older kids can often have breakable parts or chemicals, so always keep an eye on your kids when they are using them.

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The toys in our list range from the fun to the technical depending on what your child is interested in. Best to start off with some simple kid friendly sets, and if your child takes to it, consider buying a more advanced set.

Be aware that some sets need extra materials that are usually found around the home. A good tip before starting is to flick through the manual and stock up on any bits and pieces needed. Most of these are available in your local supermarket.

Here are some of the best science kits for kids for explosive (and educational!) fun.

Best Science Kits for Kids

1. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science

If there is one thing kids love, is being grossed out by snot, fake blood, and smelly body functions. This Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Set looks at the human body, and answers pressing questions like “Why do your feet really stink?” and “What grows on my body?”. This science set has petri dishes to grow molds and bacteria, and ingredients to make disgusting snot and intestines. Moving away from the traditional chemistry set, this kit is great for young kids to have silly fun while learning about science.

Ages: 8+

2. Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science

One of the more popular science kits for kids is The Big Bag of Science. With more than 70 mind-bending experiments all packaged up in a neat bag, you can be sure that this kit will captivate your kids imagination. The bag of science has test tubes, a magnifying glass, and lots of powders and goos, as well as a fact-filled colourful manual. Perfect for experiments in the yard on a summers day.

Ages: 8+

3. CHEM C3000

Searching for a top of the range chemistry set for your budding Einstein or Marie Curie? Look no further than the award winning CHEM C3000. This science kit for kids is an advanced chemistry set bursting at the seams with over 300 different experiments and 103 separate items. Geared towards preparing kids for high school chemistry, the set also includes a manual with more advanced topics like equations and the periodic table. This is one of the more advanced kids science kits.

Ages: 12+

4. Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only

From Harry Potter to Dr Strange, wizards are much loved by kids everywhere and this Magic Science kit can make their dream of creating magic a reality. With lots of frothing potions and colourful powders, kids can learn tricks by making chemical reactions. The kit includes test tubes, chemicals, and lots of supplies to teach the science behind magic.

Ages: 6+

5. Tasty Science

Playing with food doesn’t have to always be in the kitchen. The Tasty Science kit helps kids to cook food and learn chemistry just like real life food scientists. With ingredients, recipes, activity cards and test tubes, kids can do cool experiments like making fizzy drinks and watching a cake rise. A science kit perfect for play dates, birthday parties, and rainy days.

Ages: 8+

6. National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

Volcanoes are a staple in every kids science fair, and the National Geographic Volcano Science Kit gives all you need to make an eye catching and exciting science project. The kit includes three volcanic rock specimens, plaster, a volcano mold, paints, paintbrush, and eruption powder. Kids can learn about the chemistry behind volcanic explosions while getting their hands dirty and having fun.

Ages: 6+

7. Glowing Chemistry

Chemiluminescence at first glance doesn’t appear to be the most exciting (or easy to say) chemical reaction. But Glowing Chemistry is a fascinating chemistry set that explores the exciting world of chemical reactions that produce light. With over 20 experiments, the set includes an ultraviolet lamp, test tubes, glow in the dark plastic, and chemicals. Kids can learn about real world examples of glowing chemical reactions in an imaginative and creative kit.

Ages: 10+

8. CHEM C1000

The little sister to the CHEM C3000 is no pushover with 125 experiments and 30 separate pieces. Future chemists can learn about metals, water, crystals, chromatography and lots more, with a helpful guide to keep them on track. The set also includes safety guidelines and tips, and teaches how best to set up a home laboratory.

Ages: 10+

9. Science4You Chemistry 600

Making chemical reactions is one way of livening up a dull evening, and the Science4You Chemistry 600 brings the lab to your kids bedroom. Kids can learn about density, surface tension, ph, acid and bases in a cost effective chemistry set. Also available in many different languages, the Chemistry 600 can be a good challenge for your kids to learn chemistry and a new language at the same time.

Ages: 8+

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