Top 5 Kids Fitness Activity Trackers

Fitness trackers aren’t just for adults. Fitness for kids take a new turn when parents gift kids with fitness trackers that are nearly as multifunctional as the kind the parents wear. Some kids fitness tracker models are as useful and fun to use as the adult versions. When wearing their trackers, kids can count steps, watch their sleep patterns and benefit from other functions that are similar to the adult versions. Because kids are wearing them, these activity trackers are often more durable than their adult counterparts, making them a long-lasting as well as functional choice.

X-Doria Kids Fitness Tracker with Sleep Tracker

Designed for kids ages 5-13, this X-Doria kids fitness tracker allows parents and kids to set a daily activity target for kids that’s measured on a scale worth a total of 100 points. It’s easy for kids to see how close they are to achieving their goals and rewards them when goals are met. The colorful design of the tracker’s face is met with a one-size-fits-all slap bracelet. The design is splash proof and durable; a companion app is available for iOS and Android.

Leapfrog Leapband

Kids will wiggle the day away when they wear this kids activity tracker that’s just for them. Parents can choose from 50 downloadable challenges that will keep kids moving in ways that might have them march like an elephant or wiggle like a worm. Kids can also pick one of 8 virtual pets to care for. The more active they are, the more their pet will thrive. The Leapfrog Leapband tracker also features a watch and comes with USB for easy connection to the computer to set challenges and download game and rewards.

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

This cute iBitz kids fitness tracker offers an array of features that will keep kids engaged in their fitness through fun challenges. When kids begin using this tracker, their character will blast off to explore the galaxy in a spaceship that’s powered by steps. The more kids move, the more their character can explore. Kids can also earn coins and exclusive content at Disney’s Club Penguin. Weekly progress reports are sent to parents. This kids activity tracker attaches to a child’s hip or shoe and is durable and water resistant. Available in 7 colors, the iBitz syncs to a companion app that parents can download to their smartphone.

UNICEF Kid Powerband

Parents report their charity-minded children are motivated nicely by this unique UNICEF power band kids activity tracker. The more kids move, the more they are ensuring that packets of food are being delivered to malnourished kids throughout the world. Aside from its charity focus, this tracker is multifaceted. It offers fitness tracking in a slim design that’s controlled by a smartphone app. It is water resistant and the lithium ion battery is charged via USB cable.

Nabi Complete

nabi Activity Tracking Bands for Kids

Bring out the competitive nature of children with the Nabi Complete competitive kids fitness tracker. This tracker measures food burn and challenges and encourages kid to jump, run and walk distances that are equivalent to well-known U.S. landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and Miami boardwalk. Through the kid-safe social network Nabi Konnect, kids can share their activities and achievements with other like-minded kids. The bands on the Nabi Complete are interchangeable so kids can customize their bracelet’s look.