10 Best Wearable Tech Toys

Whether you want to get kids moving or give them additional options for play, the best wearables for kids are usually multifunctional and fun for kids to wear and play with. Some of these wearable tech toys expound on kids’ interests, whether that’s video games, action figures or pure active play. They will inspire play and often add an element of educational fun as well. Most of these tech toys are colorful additions that inspire kids to engage with their world in a new and unique way. Parents looking for gifts for tech kids should choose a wearable that really speaks to their child’s interest.


The Moff slap bracelet connects to a smartphone or tablet and provides more than 30 realistic sounds through the phone or tablet when kids get active. Kids can use their imaginations when engaging in active play to make the Moff app create these realistic sounds. For example, when using a whisk, kids can make it into a tennis racket. Pencils can become drumsticks. The possibilities are nearly endless when kids use their imaginations.


Kids who have dreamt of being in a Marvel comic can have that unique experience when they play with this Playmation Marvel Avenger toy. This wearable tech toy for kids reacts to play movements and puts the user into the Avengers action with missions and goals. With this cool kids toy, players can work through missions with 20 different enemies in the 25 embedded missions. Additional missions can be downloaded for more fun. The starter set includes repulsor gear, two power activators, two smart figures and the embedded missions.

Mattel View-Master VR

Take the View-Master from years ago and reimagine it in today’s tech-hungry world. That’s what you get when you examine this virtual reality version from Mattel. This view-master vr allows you to play games in 360 degrees. Download an app to your smartphone, slide the smartphone into the VR and marvel in the world you see. This wearable tech toy is a great beginner virtual reality headset.

Minecraft Gameband

Kids will never miss a Minecraft game again with this cool toy for kids. It’s a bracelet that looks like a fitness tracker, but it’s really tracking Minecraft and allowing kids to play on any computer whenever they want. All kids have to do is plug the Minecraft gameband into the USB drive on any computer and click the gameband app to play. They’ll immediately be immersed in their account and their game play. The Minecraft gameband is customizable to show images, animation, and messages on the LED display. The gameband holds 8GB of memory; it also includes automatic backup of a player’s entire Minecraft folder.

VTech Kidizoom DX

This VTech wearable technology for kids is a watch and much more. Through games and challenges, kids will be motivated to move and be active. The VTech Kidizoom DX includes still and video cameras, which include features like photo effects and a voice recorder with voice changer. This watch can be shown in either digital or analog and includes an alarm, timer and stopwatch. It also includes a calendar and calculator and is splash and sweat proof.



Linkitz is a code-able friendship bracelet that kids can recreate for endless combinations. By rearranging the links, kids can make dozens of different toys. Through visual programming, kids can change how the links behave and using that feedback they will get different ideas for how to rearrange the links, to make them behave the way they want them to. This friendship bracelet will also light up when friends are nearby, adding a fun and unexpected social element to this toy.



This is a wearable smart toy that’s all about helping kids learn about chores and responsibilities and the world around them. Ideal for kids ages 3 to 6, Herokins creates interactive adventures called “storyquests”. Kids and parents can work together to talk about the messages in the adventures, which might be about seatbelt safety or the importance of eating well.

Skechers Game Kicks 2

Skechers Game Kicks 2

With these unique Sketchers Game Kicks 2 sneakers, kids can play games on their shoes with the included remote control. Games feature light and sound action and can keep kids active and engaged. This wearable tech toy includes a pocket on the front of the shoe for storage of the remote control.

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Kids choose a virtual pet and then take care of that pet through activity with the LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker. Those pets thrive on activity, motivating kids to keep moving and being active. Fifty active challenges are included that encourage kids to move, such as “pounce like a lion!” Designed for kids ages 4 to 7, this LeapFrog toy encourages active and nurturing play.



Smart toys for kids take a new turn with the Supersuit. This wearable toy includes 15 games that kids can play while wearing the suit. Instead of sitting while playing video games, kids have to get up and move around in order to succeed. When their hands and arms move, they are playing the game. Chosen by both Mashable and Wired as the “coolest gear” at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016, the Supersuit encourages kids to “Wear Your Game” and allows for download of more games to add to the pre-loaded games.