20 Best Robot Toys for Kids You Don’t Want To Miss (Updated 2017)

Robot toys for kids are fantastic play tools, learning tools and overall just great fun! Robots can be an interactive buddy loaded with numerous impressive features and most of them are now controlled with an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

They can do all sorts of amazing tricks, talk and respond either to your voice, hand gestures or a remote. Some robot toys are app enabled and this lets you do more with them, such as playing games or coding.

There’s something about a robot that gets kids (and parents) excited, because who doesn’t like ordering a robot around the place! Whether it’s a super cool gift or just for home, robot toys are a favorite with both girls and boys of all ages.

Here are 20 popular and new robot toys for kids that you don’t want to miss in 2017.

This article was originally published in 2016 and was last updated July 2017.

Best Robot Toys in 2017

1. Cozmo

Cozmo has a huge personality and is one of the smallest robot toys for kids. Cozmo expresses real emotions in response to you. The more you play the more you can unlock new games and upgrades. Cozmo isn’t an average controlled robot, he gets curious and will explore. He plots and plans instead of just learning and repeating. He is clever and his emotions aren’t random, they are real and will entertain everyone around him. He will develop new feelings the more that you hang out, just don’t leave him alone too long or he will become cranky.

2. Meccano: Micronoid

Build, program and play with your very own robot with the Meccano Micronoid. This robot is easy to put together and comes with all the tools you will need in the box. There are three styles to choose from, or take them all home. These funky robots interact with each other, racing through obstacles or just dancing together. Anytime they hear a beat, these robots will begin dancing to it. The Micronoid robot uses simple push button programming to play.

3. New Bright iRobot 710 Kobra

The New Bright iRobot 710 Kobra is a cool new robot with a robotic claw arm. This little guy can climb, grab objects and even has a HD camera. Connect your smartphone to the controller to see what the robot sees and have fun exploring and completing missions.

4. UBTECH Jimu Robot Buzzbot/Muttbot

Create your own robot, then take him apart and create another. The two in one UBTECH Jimu Robot Buzzbot/Muttbot allows you to do just that. This robotic kit for kids includes two hundred and forty-nine interlocking parts, plus six servo motors that allow movement and a rechargeable lithium battery. Open the associated app for easy to use, step by step instruction on how to build your robot. Then use the app to code your robot to do fun tricks and moves.

5. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

Get ready to play, with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot. This exciting Batman themed robot will take your imagination play to the next level. The Batbot morphs from a tank into a full combat robot. He can shoot four discs or use the claw on his arm to capture bad guys. The Batbot comes programmed with over one hundred working phrases. You can choose mission phrases, which move the story along or use the systems check phrases for computer like sounds and sirens.

6. Battlebots Arena

Prepare for the ultimate battle with the Battlebots Arena. This set comes with a fold out enclosed arena and two remote control battlebots. Attack and dodge from the other player. The battle is won when your opponent loses all his parts. Gather and snap your battlebots back together in a flash for round two and three. This is a great game for friends, families and siblings. Collect different Battlebots to bring into the arena for more fun gameplay.

7. WowWee – Mip, Miposaur and Chip Robot Dog

These robot toys for kids from WowWee, are sure to give little ones hours of fun. You can play and toss the ball with CHiP the robotic dog, practice balancing things on Mip’s tray or give commands to the Miposaur, a fun robot dinosaur.

8. XYZrobot Diver

Dive into adventure with the XYZrobot Diver. This scuba wearing robot is packed full of features. You can draw a line and he will follow it around, or use the app to drive him. The diver has a camera that will link with your phone to take photos of what he sees. He also has a sensor at his feet that helps him see obstacles and avoid them.

9. Transformers Trypticon

One of the hardest robot toys to find has been brought back from the Eighties and remastered by Hasbro. The Transformers Trypticon Figure is ready for more action and decepticon play. This robot transforms from walking T-Rex, to a city and then to a battle station. He is powered by batteries and loaded with cannons and lasers for attack play. It is easy to transform Trypticon in just a few easy steps. Also included is the mini figure of Full-Tilt, who transform from a car to a robot with a weapon.

10. Air Hogs Smash Bots

Let the battle begin with the Air Hogs Smash Bots. These robots move and spin wildly at each other in the battle ring. You control your bot via a remote control. Use strategic moves to spin your robot at the other, trying to knock them out. There is a turbo button to crank up the heat and deliver the final knockout blow. This set includes two robots, two remote controllers, one set of weapons, one battle mat and the instruction manual.

11. Sphero Ollie

The Ollie is similar to the popular Sphero ball, except it has a different shape and comes with grip tires for better traction. Kids control Ollie through an app using their tablet or smartphone devices, and can perform stunts and tricks. One thing to watch for is than unlike the Sphero, Ollie is not waterproof!

12. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

Targeted for little learners, the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi is a great starter robot. Movi teaches about shapes, ABCs and animals. When playing with the animals function, Movi will make the animal noises, say the name and then show your little one how the robot pet moves. With the shapes function, Movi will demonstrate how your little one should move to make a shape, and then ask a question about the shape to reinforce what they just learned.

Robot Toys Coming Soon in 2017

13. Hero Droid BB-8 – red0 done wrong one

When the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid  ball first came out, it was the toy that everyone was waiting for. This year they are going one step further and have made it giant. Named the Hero Droid BB-8, when this hits the shelves it’s going to be the most wanted Christmas toy on every kids list.

14. WowWee Bot Squad

This construction crew Bot Squad will put the fun into getting it done! Two robots have been introduced in the series. GRiP is the boss and is able to pick up and place various blocks and objects. On the back he as a little truck bed to carry blocks with him to the construction site. Joe-Plow is ready to push through to the finish. This little pushing construction vehicle has a pushy personality and is ready to get the job done. He comes with an attachable hook for the back to pull things behind him.

15 & 16. Meccano M.A.X Robot and MeccaSpider

Oversized and fun for all is the Mecca Spider. This large red and black robot spider has various ways to play. Let him roam free in auto mode or set him to guard. He will sense intruders, pursue them and fire a water venom squirt at them. Also from Meccano is the M.A.X. robot. He is the ultimate personal assistant and playmate. The more you play with Max, the more he gets to know you and incorporates more phrases and games.

17. Air Hogs ROBO TRAX

If you love robot toys that are out of the box instant fun and have no limitations, then this is the toy for you. The Air Hogs ROBO TRAX is made tough to roll over rocks, mud, snow, rough terrain and more so that you don’t have any limit to where you can roam. This cool robot also stands up to balance on its two legs and can fire two missiles as it rolls. Included is an easy to drive remote control.

18. Zoomer Pony

zoomer pony

Full of personality and fun, the Zoomer Pony is a perfect gift for the horse lover in your family. Zoomer Pony comes with many treats you can feed her such as an apple, a carrot and a sugar cube. She recognizes each item and displays her emotions and actions with her bright eyes. Watch out, if she eats too much of the sugar cube, then she will get hyper and start to sing and dance. Calm Zoomer Pony down by brushing her hair, she will relax while you use the included brush.

19. Hasbro Dance and Code Belle

Hasbro's Dance Code Belle

Interact with your favorite Disney Princess Belle as she practices dancing for the ball. This is a great way for kids to learn and have fun playing with a singing and dancing Disney Princess. With the associated app, kids can code the robot, to perform certain dance moves. There is a simple block coding for younger kids or a more complex way to code Belle for older users. Belle talks and sings as she moves around the dance floor.

20. Lego Boost

Lego Boost

Build one of five exciting robots and then bring them to life via coding with the Lego Boost set. This new Lego toy lets you choose which robot to build and then gives you step by step instructions to put it all together. You can choose to build a robot, a cat, a vehicle, a 3D printer or a musical guitar. Use the associated app to bring your toys to life and play. Use coding to program your toys with cool moves and abilities.

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