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15 Best Electronic Kits for Kids: Learn all about Circuits (Updated 2017)

Kids are already interested in electronics, but sometimes parents and teachers want to get them interested in a more learning based toy.

These electronic kits for kids are a great jumpstart into teaching them about how electronics and STEM projects come together, to create something amazing.

Imagine building your own computer or playing with fruit like a keyboard. What about using something as simple as Play Doh to teach young kids what an alligator clip is. The electronic projects that can be created are creative, and will help develop a child’s thinking skills while keeping them entertained.

Kids electronic kits are now so easy to use and provide many intellect-building lessons and challenges. From as young as 4 years old, with parent supervision, kids can experiment with an exciting technology that makes things move or light up.

What’s actually inside an iPad or a mobile phone? Electronic kits help answer these types of questions and will make kids think about the objects and toys in their life.

Teach kids all about circuits with these 15 cool electronic kits for kids, available now in 2017.

This article was originally published in 2016 and was last updated June 2017.

Electronic Kits for Kids 2017

1. littleBits Electronics

One of the coolest electronic kits for learning all about circuits is littleBits. The kit comes with various buttons, wires, and controls that allow children to create fun things. LittleBits is a well designed educational tech toy for kids that will keep them entertained project after project.

2. Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit teaches kids how to make a computer with a wireless keyboard, a wifi dongle, a speaker, Raspberry Pi 3, memory and cables. Also available is the Kano Screen Kit, where kids can learn how to make a computer screen themselves.

3. Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

The Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit allows kids to build up to 300 projects. The circuit kit comes with 60 parts that are snapped together to create each project. The projects include: automatic street lamps, AM radio, radio announcer and water alarm to name a few. Its a great electronic kit for younger kids as it’s very visual and easy to use.

4. Makey Makey

Makey Makey is a kids invention kit that will enhance your child’s imagination and turn any ordinary object into a functional keypad. Through a laptop or tablet, children can connect the kits various control plugs into an object like a banana or a loaf of bread and create music, games or whatever they imagine. There is a great community of Makey Makey users and they provide many lesson plans for teachers and guides for kids to follow.

5. The Arduino Starter Kit

The hugely popular Arduino Starter Kit – K000007 has up to 15 different projects for your child to complete. The kit comes with an instruction manual, various motors, sensors and LED lights. With these parts you can make projects such as musical instruments, digital hourglasses or a touchy feel lamp.

6. SAM Labs Inventor Kit

Let your inventive mind come alive with an exciting electronic kits for kids set. The SAM Labs Inventor kit comes with a light sensor, a buzzer, a tilt sensor and a DC motor. In order to begin playing, you need to install the free app on your computer or tablet. The blocks respond to each other via bluetooth. Also included is an instruction guide to show you how to easily set up the blocks and learn how to pair and code them. There are five STEM activities included to get you started.

7. LightUp Edison Kit

Experience endless projects with one of the ultimate electronic kits for kids. The LightUp Edison Kit lets you take control and build working models that you can use in everyday life. The pieces are magnetic and snap together with ease. If you are having trouble with the kit working, simply take a photo with your smart device in the Edison app and it will tell you how to fix the problem. You can build a flashlight, a sensitivity alarm and much more. With additional kits you can explore more coding play.

8. Microduino mCookie

Make your creations come to life with the Microduino mCookie magnetic building kit. This revolutionary kit comes with the basic core modules that will allow you to turn your simple legos into moving and sensing creations. Included in this set are four modules, one core USB, one bluetooth 4.0 module and one battery management module. There are also multiple sensors for crash/impact, a buzzer, a microphone and LED sensors. Each piece snaps together magnetically, making them easy to use with no soldering required.

9. Circuit Cubes

Circuit Cubes

This cool electronics kit from Circuit Cubes is sure to unleash your child’s imagination and let them build exciting and out of the box creations. This three block set includes a battery cube, a motor cube and a LED cube. With these three cubes you can create anything you desire. They are easy to connect and place inside a lego creation or connect them inside of an empty toilet paper roll to create a flashlight. The motor cube will make your toy cars roll or add movement to a cardboard project.

10. Circuit Scribe

Kids love doodling, so what better way to teach them all about circuits than to let them draw. Circuit Scribe comes with a special pen that contains non toxic conductive ink. You simply daw on some paper and place the provided circuit objects on top. Originally a kickstart project, this is a unique circuits for kids maker kit.

11. Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Technology Will Save Us have a range of electronic kits suitable for all ages. The DIY Electronic Dough Kit is something that kids as young as 4 years old can play with their parents. The kit gives you instructions on how to make your own dough, but to save time (and mess), you can use simple Play Doh to jump right in.

12. Elenco Electronic Playground

One of the most experimental electronic kits for kids, Elenco teaches the basic principles of electronics, electricity, physics and magnetism. Some of the projects you will do are creating an AM broadcast station, an electronic organ, a LED strobe light, a timer and creating logic circuits. The included manual is easy to read and contains illustrations.

13. Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Get into the groove with the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats set. This exciting kit geared towards girls, allows your kid to explore the concept of making music and sounds from ordinary objects. You can make up to six connections for six different notes. Create a banana keyboard, make your ice cream cone sing with every bite, or dip the connection in water for another challenge. Included are the connections, cat ear speakers and the music control board.

14. Roominate Circuits Accessory Pack

Let their minds grow and evolve towards STEM play with this electronic kits for kids play set. The Roominate Circuits Accessory Pack is made to go with the Roominate building blocks. This set allows you to add movement and light to your designs. It comes with one motor, a string of four lights, a battery pack and a screwdriver. The Roominate kits are made for girls, to allow them to build anything they can dream up. From doll houses to ferris wheels that move or even the Eiffel Tower, girls can build and share their designs with other Roominate users online.

15. Piper Computer Kit

When it comes to unique invention kits for kids, the Piper Computer Kit is one that stands out among the rest because this kit gives your child a true computer building experience. It has its very own set of blueprints as well as a multitude of computer parts such as a screen, wires, speakers so kids can build their first computer.

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