7 Best 3D Pens for Kids


Drawing has never been so advanced and intuitive with the advent of 3D printing pens as these ordinary looking pens achieve the extraordinary. For those who are new to this, these pens allow an individual to draw things exactly as they imagine them using heated plastic filaments inserted in the pens. 3D pens foster creativity and are a lot of fun as objects that are drawn on paper have the ability to become real objects.

3D Doodler Start & 3D Doodler Create

3doodler start

Perhaps the best 3D drawing pens for kids to consider are the 3Doodler Start & 3D Doodler Create. They allow 3D drawing to be done at an extremely speedy rate with a 2 speed feature. This pen has a very efficient warm-up time that goes very nicely with a multi-colored LED indicator.

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

Another fine 3D pen for kids is the Scribbler 3D Printing Pen as it allows them to draw horizontally and vertically. This pen comes complete with an OLED screen that allows better user-control of the pen. In addition, the pen allows users to release the right amount of filament in any drawing or project.

Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D

Soyan 3D Printing Pen

The Soyan 3D Arts & Crafts Drawing 3D pen offers effortless operation. Like the Scribbler 3D Printing Pen, this pen also allows users to draw horizontally and vertically with heated plastic that hardens instantly. Another fine feature of the pen is its ability to change colors effortlessly with its easy control panel.

Sketchpro 3D Pen

sketchpro 3d pen

The Sketchpro 3D Pen is a popular choice as it offers so many cool features. It uses the non toxic PLA filament refills and has a large LED screen where users can control color change, heating preferences and much more. The Sketch Pro 3D pen comes with a free E-Book that will help beginners use templates to start creating 3D objects.

Smarson 3D Printing Pen

smarson 3d pen

The next cool 3D pen to consider getting is the Smarson 3D Printing Pen. It has an LCD screen that allows users to control heating, color change and filament control. This lightweight pen is compatible with ABS, PLA and LEA material.

Dream Maker Pen

Dream Maker Pens

The Dream Maker Pen is also a very lightweight and easy to handle 3D pen for kids, that makes creating 3D projects fun and effortless. It comes with a good number of templates that kids can follow when designing their 3d drawing project.



The IDO3D Pen is a different type of 3D pen designed with kids in mind and is suitable for kids age 6 and up. The Pen is filled with a special ink that you draw with and then have to dry using the UV torchlight provided. The pen doesn’t get great reviews and can be quite messy.