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12 Best Smart Toys for Kids (Updated for 2017)

Smart toys for kids are a great gift option because they offer multiple ways to play and connect with smart devices to push the envelope of imagination. Some of these smart gadgets for kids offer simple in app play, like drawing, coloring or stories. While others have a more in depth play like taking care of a virtual animal or learning how to code.

When you pair technology with playing, then you children will get more out of their toys and more ways to play. Also a lot of these toys will be able to update for new interactions and ways to play as time goes by.

These toys come in a variety of options, from a stylus that snatches colors off objects to a wise cracking Spider-Man. There are even healthy habit forming gadgets such as a water bottle that encourages drinking and a tooth brush that lets them play games while brushing.

Here is a list of the 10 best smart toys for kids that will impress any child or adult.

This article was originally published in 2016 and was last updated November 2017.

Best Smart Toys for Kids

1. Playbrush

Have trouble getting your kids to brush for the full two minutes? Then it is time to add smart gadgets for kids to your morning routine. The Playbrush is an add on to any tooth brush to make brushing your teeth fun again. Linked to a game app, the Playbrush tracks each brush stroke and turns it into a move in the game to get kids brushing to score points. An in app tracker lets you know how your kid is brushing, too fast or not accurately enough.

2. Teddy Ruxpin

It’s always story time with Teddy Ruxpin. This soft and expressive eyed bear is ready to tell your kids stories and sing cute songs with them. Teddy has LCD eyes that have over 40 animations. His mouth moves as he talks and sings and touch sensors on his body lets kids control the story and songs. Connected toys offer more ways to play and Teddy is able to pair with a smart device app to offer more stories to read to your children.

3. Gululu Smart Water Bottle

Make drinking water fun for kids with the Gululu Smart Water Bottle. This bottle has built in sensors to monitor how much water is consumed during the day and pairs with an app to show how much and when your kid is drinking water. Kids are given the incentive to drink more to play with a virtual pet on the front of the bottle. Drinking water rewards their pet with rubies and unlocking chests that have mini pets and fun accessories or map pieces.

4. Spider-Man by Sphero

Add a wisecracking sidekick to your daily routine with the Spider-Man by Sphero toy. Spidey has built in Wi-Fi capabilities so he is always up to date with information and upgrades. You can ask him simple questions like “What time is it?” or ask for jokes and stories. When you are ready for playtime, Spidey will embark on virtual missions with you. You can even create a superhero profile and Spidey will keep track of your bad guy catching stats.

5. Mozbii

Break free from coloring limitations with the Mozbii Color Picking Stylus. Smart toys for toddlers are hard to find, but this exciting bluetooth stylus pairs with your smart devices to teach kids about colors. To use, simply press the round top down on any object that has the color you want, whether it is the table, a swatch, your skin, and apple or even a toy. This stylus has no color limitations so that your drawings don’t have to either.

6. Lully

Get ready for more great night sleeps for you and your little one with the Lully Sleep Guardian 2. This small round device was created and tested by a physician at Stamford. Once you pair it with your smart phone, it goes under your child’s mattress and will vibrate during the night to help induce a good nights sleep and chase away night terrors. It has been scientifically proven to eliminate 80% of night terrors with four weeks of consistent use.

7. Edwin the Duck

Edwin the Duck is not one of your average kids smart toys. This best friend material duck is equipped to entertain and comfort your child throughout the day. When connected to the smart app, Edwin responds to touches and movements to play games and respond in the app. He is waterproof and plays music through a bluetooth speaker in the bath. At bedtime he becomes a nightlight and can play soft lullabies.

8. Hasbro Furby Connect Friend

Smart toys for boys and girls offer multiple ways to play and interact. The new Hasbro Furby Connect Friend is a great example of this because he offers standalone play as well as smart device paired play. This talkative toy is paired with an app that lets Furby interact with you in new ways, such as games, stories, feeding and more. Furby also will offer to show you funny kid friendly videos online. This friend has over 150 digital and colorful eye expressive animations. When you are done playing, you can put Furby to sleep by placing his sleep mask on.

9. Talkie by Toymail

Keep in contact with your kids when you use the fun and huggable Talkie from Toymail. This stuffed animal has built in pairing with a smartphone app that lets kids add people to the “trusted circle” and then send them voice messages. These messages can be delivered to your phone or to another Talkie. Parents can also records and send messages back to the Talkie.

10. Fisher-Price Smart Toy Panda

Smart toys for children will keep learning about them and encouraging imaginative play. The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Panda is one of three that you can pick out for your little one. This bear recognizes your kid’s voice, listens to them and remembers what they say. The Panda comes with interactive cards that will start play and you can also direct him for certain situations like bedtime from your smart phone.

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