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10 Cool App Controlled Toys For Kids (Updated 2017)

Remote controlled toys are cool, but app controlled toys are in another league. Gone are the days when you need an actual physical controller, why not just use your phone?

Robots and cars that are controlled by a smartphone are the new cool tech toys that everyone wants.

And they just keep making them better. This year will see one of the coolest iPhone remote controlled cars from Sphero and the legendary Batmobile for Bruce Wayne fans.

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Set to impress, developers are fostering the latest craze by connecting toys to smart technology and letting kids use their mobiles as controllers. Most families have access to an iPad or Android tablet, and just have to download the app to get their toy moving.

From planes, to drones, to robots and cars, here are the 10 coolest app controlled toys available today that parents and kids will have so much fun with.

This article was originally published in 2016 and was last updated November 2017.

Best App Controlled Toys

1. Sphero Ultimate Lightening McQueen Vehicle

Bring your favorite Cars character to life with the Sphero Ultimate Lightening McQueen iPhone controlled toy car. This lifelike car will wow you with it’s expressive suspension mechanics, LED animated eyes and animatronic moving mouth. Download the free app to play and drive Lightening McQueen. He can drift and do donuts with real racing sounds.

2. PowerUp  Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The PowerUp FPV Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane is the first smartphone controlled toy electric paper airplane, which only requires that you know how to properly fold a paper airplane! The kit initially comes with a Bluetooth headset-like device and a mini-sized propeller and rudder that is easy to install on any paper airplane. Once installed, you’re smart phone allows you to become the pilot. This new updated version includes a Cardboard headset for first person viewing.

3. Cozmo

All app controlled toys are not created equal and Cozmo is a prime example of that. This tiny robot has a big personality and isn’t afraid to share it with you. The more you play with Cozmo the more he will interact with you and unlock new games and upgrades. Cozmo comes with three power cubes for you to play with.

4. R2-D2 by Sphero

You wont find cooler smartphone controlled toys than the Star Wars Droid collection. The R2-D2 Droid has authentic movements from his bipod stance to a tripod roll and even an emotive waddle. R2-D2 recognizes and talks to other droids. He also has a watch with me mode to view the star wars films by your side. There is an integrated speaker and LED lights that bring R2-D2 to life like you have never seen before.

5. Justice League Batmobile

Not all app controlled cars come with their own superhero driving them. With the Justice League Batmobile, you also get a Batman figurine that fits inside the car and attaches to the steering wheel for realistic driving motions. The Batmobile also has a camera in the cockpit so that you can see what Batman sees as you zoom around Gotham City. The engine makes authentic sounds and smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe.

6. Ollie by Sphero

Ollie by Sphero is a remote controlled toy built for all-terrain travel. The Ollie is built to withstand punishment from running into walls, rocks and concrete slabs to name a few. You can do numerous tricks and jumps through the app and even get replaceable tires. Still one of the most wanted app controlled toys, Ollie and Sphero are every bit as popular this year.

7. Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo

The Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo is one of the best remote control toys for kids that you control with your iPad, tablet or smart phone. It has so many cool features such as the ability to make a 360-degree turn instantaneously, while also having the ability to leap onto your kitchen table. This 2-wheel toy is one of the most versatile toys around and would be an awesome present for anyone.

8. WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V)

Choose air or ground for this exciting combat game. The WowWee REV comes with one drone and one car for a new ground to air combat war. You can choose which vehicle you want to control and the other will go into auto pilot mode to attack you. Each vehicle has auto sensing of objects and the ability to locate the other and fire attacks. You can play against your friends in a multiplayer mode or a legion of AI drivers.

9. Anki Overdrive

The Anki Overdrive is an amazing remote control car racing game. This kit comes with its very own ready-to-assemble race track where two app remote control cars can go head-to-head against one another. Through your iPad, tablet or smart phone, you will be able to launch virtual projectiles against the other car to gain an advantage.

10. Ozobot Evo Captain America

Code like an Avenger with the Ozobot Evo Captain America kit. This set comes with an Ozobot and a Captain America action skin. This set also allows you to access the Stark Academy of Science and Technology so you play through action packed adventures and master STEM skills. Also available are Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow and Ultron.

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