8 Great Learn To Code Toy Robots For Kids

Learn to code robots are a fun way to teach kids the fundamentals of programming. Nowadays, there is a growing understanding that knowing how to program is essential for our kids. While learning random facts is less and less relevant in a world where you can simply use Google to find an answer to any question, programming becomes an important skill that enables anyone to succeed. However, you can’t simply give a book to your kids and expect that they will learn everything by themselves. Instead, teach kids programming with smart and fun toy coding robots for kids that can transform the tedious learning process into an exciting game.

Sphero SPRK Edition & Ollie using Tynker

The Sphero and Ollie are one of the best learn to code toys recognized worldwide that combine everything your kid will need in the future to learn their first programming language. Program these coding robots with the Tynker app and introduce your kids to programming in the most exciting way possible. All you need is an iPad or Android-enabled tablet, enthusiasm, and the desire to learn! After you’ve paired the Sphero or Ollie with your tablet device, you can learn to control them during the brief “crash course” and write your first program in a matter of minutes.

Tickle and Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Kids will be excited to get their first drone that can be fully controlled by any smartphone. The Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider can fly both indoors and outdoors, has removable wheels, can perfectly maneuver and even perform half and U-turns in one swipe. Using the Tickle visual programming app, you can program the Rolling Spider to do all sorts of things. Kid will learn the basics of sequencing and how to program their robot toy to obey their commands.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Dash is a fun-looking, programmable robot your kids can bring to life with a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms. With hundreds of amazing projects, challenges, and coding adventures, The Wonder Workshop Dash Robot will teach kids the basics of programming, critical thinking, reasoning, and much more. Moreover, kids will have a lot of fun while programing their first robot to race, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice.

Ozobot 2.0 Bit, the Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM and Coding

Ozobot is different from other robots because it doesn’t look like a real robot or an ordinary toy. It’s rather a tiny programmable sphere you can teach how to dance, race, light up, and more. Being one of the smallest robot toys, Ozobot is ideal as a first introduction to the exciting world of programming.

LEGO Mindstorms

This is not an ordinary Lego toy – Lego Mindstorms is a powerful robot with an intelligent EV3 Brick inside, ARM9 processor, USB port for Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity, Micro SD card reader, buttons and 4 motor ports. Thanks to the remote controls, color sensors, redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor and 550+ Lego elements, you can design and build a unique robot all while learning the basics of programming.

Vortex – A New Robot Teaches Kids About Coding

Vortex was created to teach kids graphical programming through a series of interactive and fun games. This tiny yet powerful toy robot is completely open source so it can be customized in any way you like. Your kid will have to decide what the robot will look like and what he will do – let them experiment with this exciting toy until they create their first unique robot.

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

Show kids what coding is all about with this fun and colorful Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy for preschoolers. While arranging and re-arranging different segments, little programmers will learn the basics of problem solving, sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, and memory through this series of fun experiments. Encourage kids to use all eight segments to send the Code-a-Pillar in different directions all while enjoying the cool sounds and bright lights.

WowWee Coji Smart Robot Toy

This smart robot with a color LCD screen is fully programmable via the universal language of emojis. Right after you install the free Coji Roboticon app, you can send your robot any emoji to evoke either a physical reaction or a digital response. With tons of content and exciting games, WowWee Coji Smart Robot Toy has a great chance to become your kid’s best friend.