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20 Exciting New Coding Robots for Kids (Updated 2017)

Robots are the type of toy that brings children together to play. Mums, dads, brothers and sisters can all have fun playing with a cool robot.

More and more kids are learning to code at an early age, so what’s better than a coding robot that teaches the basics of programming?

Every year there’s a new wave of robots for kids on the market, and they’re getting more advanced, but easier to use as time goes on. From building robots from legos to more advanced robotics kits, there is something out there for everyone. There are simple robots for kids for beginners who want to get an easy hands on feel, and more advanced coding robots that require more attention.

Featured here are 20 the newest and most popular coding robots in 2017, that will help jumpstart kids into the world of programming.

This article was originally published in 2016 and was last updated June 2017.

Popular Coding Robots 2017

1. Sphero SPRK Edition & Ollie using Tynker

The Sphero and Ollie toy coding robots can be programmed with the Tickle app. All you need is an iPad or Android-enabled tablet, enthusiasm, and the desire to learn! After you’ve paired the Sphero or Ollie with your tablet device, you can learn to control them during the brief “crash course” and use the drag and drop coding app to make them move.

2. Ozobot Evo

This tiny robot will steal your heart and run away with it. The Ozobot Evo Starter pack comes with a 1.25 inch Evo bot, one play-field, four Ozobot Markers, one Evo skin, one carrying pouch and one USB cable for charging. Learn how to code your robot with simple steps with the included markers with the color coding technology. You can also download the associated app to remote control Ozo and program him further.

3. Parrot Mambo

Kids will be excited to get their first drone that can be fully controlled by any smartphone. The Parrot Mambo can fly both indoors and outdoors and using the Tynker visual programming app, you can program the Mambo to do all sorts of things. Kid will learn the basics of sequencing and how to program their drone to obey their commands. Coming soon is the Code this Drone Mambo Kit.

4. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Dash is a fun-looking, programmable robot that kids can bring to life with a tablet. With hundreds of amazing projects, challenges, and coding adventures, The Wonder Workshop Dash Robot teaches kids the basics of programming, critical thinking, reasoning, and much more. Moreover, kids will have a lot of fun while programing their first robot to race, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice.

5. Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms is a powerful robot that has been teaching kids how to code for years. Many schools have been using Mindstorms EV3 as their go to robotics kit, as it’s kids friendly, fun and educational. Kid can build all sorts of amazing things using the kit and use a tablet to control their creations.

6. Meccanno Meccanoid

The Meccanno Meccanoid 2.0 lets you build your own two foot tall robot with six motors for realistic movements. There are three ways to play with your robot – learned intelligence, rag-doll mode and drag & drop programming on your smart device. The Meccanoid has over three thousand programmed phrases to keep you talking and playing. The Meccanno range of coding robots for kids are by far the best.

7. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Read our review of the Code-a-Pillar.

Show kids what coding is all about with this fun and colorful Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy for preschoolers. While arranging and re-arranging different segments, little programmers will learn the basics of problem solving, sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, and memory through this series of fun experiments.

Encourage kids to use all eight segments to send the Code-a-Pillar robot pet in different directions, all while enjoying the cool sounds and bright lights.

8. MakeBlock

This is an excellent kit for beginners to build and program their own robot. The MakeBlock bot comes with thirty eight parts that can be put together in about ten minutes. To program, simply drag and drop commands with the associated app on your smart device. There are so many ways to play with your robot, whether through commands, obstacle avoidance play or line following.

9. WowWee Coder MiP

Program and play with this fun balancing robot. The WowWee Coder MiP is a helpful buddy on wheels that you can program to play however you want. MiP comes with a tray for carrying and balancing items. WowWee have a great range of coding robots for kids that are worth checking out.

10. UBTECH Jimu Robots Buzzbot and Muttbot

Build and learn to program your own robot with the Jimu Buzzbot and Muttbot. Choose from one of two robots to build and follow the in-app step by step 3D instructions. This kit has two hundred and seventy-one snap together parts with six smooth motion robotic joints. When you’ve built your robot, you can program him within the app or make your own program moves.

11. TinkerBots

tinker bots

Compatible with Lego bricks, this all in one set allows you to build and play with various robots. With TinkerBots, you can build a car and drive it via remote control from your smart phone. Or build a crane and move the level to pick up and move items. The possibilities are endless with the included power blocks, motion blocks and sensor blocks.

12. KIBO


This robot for kids toy was designed for a younger audience. Directed at four to six year olds, this buildable and programable robot does not use any type of screen. Instead it relies on the included block for arranging, linking together and then scanning by KIBO for its command sequence. Kids can decorate their robot in various ways to make it their own.

 New Coding Robots Coming Soon in 2017

13. Lego Boost

Lego Boost

Choose from one of five robots to build, code and then play with the Lego Boost play set. This robots for kids set is a great introduction to learning first hand the mechanics of building robots. You can build a robot, a vehicle, a cat, a 3D printer or a musical guitar. You can use your smart device to code the robot to interact and play.

14. UBTECH Astrobot


Build one of three distinct robot creations with the UBTECH Astrobot. This three hundred and ninety-seven piece set lets you build either a humanoid, an anthropomorphic wheeled vehicle or a treaded mobile robot. These STEM based robots for kids are great for teaching various ways to build robots with the same parts.

15. Hasbro’s Dance Code Belle

Hasbro's Dance Code Belle

Take control and interact with Disney Princess Belle. Use your tablet to download the associated app and connect it to Belle via bluetooth. Belle talks, moves and performs dances herself. You can code Belle to perform specific dance routines as you map them out in the app. There is simple coding for younger players and more advanced block coding for when you are ready.

16 & 17. Meccano M.A.X. Robot and MeccaSpider

New from Meccano is the M.A.X Robot. This robot has a digital face for gaming and over time it will learn more about it’s owner. Also coming to stores soon is the MeccaSpider. This red and black spider walks around and is able to shoot water. Both models connect to a bluetooth device for more in-app fun and also come with remotes in case you do not have a bluetooth device.

18. Elmoji

WowWee Elmoji

Expected to be released closer to the holiday season, the Elmoji is aimed at younger kids aged three and up. This robot has been created with collaboration from Sesame Street to make an Elmo based emoji robot that reacts and teaches kids how to code using emojis. While not a lot has been released about this robot, it will be controlled by an app to play games, teach problem solving and react to sounds.

19. PaiKodee


Geared towards younger children, the PaiKodee is one of the newest coding robots for kids that allows your little one to play and learn at the same time. With the supported app you can learn basic coding, personalize the robots emoji face and record funny sounds for PaiKodee to repeat. This robot is a must have for your up and coming little one who wants to learn more about coding.

20. BotsAlive

This Kickstarter backed project is an accessory to the HexBug Spider set. With BotsAlive, you get a decal and various blocks that the newly aware HexBug will interact with. The red blocks are bad, and the spider will avoid them in order to get to the blue blocks. The BotsAlive software creates an organic and thinking robot who hesitates when making decisions and routes different paths to an obstacle. Sometimes he goes left, sometimes right.

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