8 Best Coding Games For Kids

Help children become active rather than passive users of technology with these exciting coding games for kids. It’s much easier to teach kids programming when you offer them games that are interactive, entertaining and educational. Kids love playing games, so game based learning is a natural evolution and a perfect environment for coding games. Coding doesn’t have to be hard and boring, it can be fun if taught in the right way. Kids are growing up surrounded by technology so learning to program will be an essential part of their educational agenda and open up many opportunities for jobs in the future. Have a look at these eight best learn to code games for kids and choose the one your kid will love the most.


Inspired by over 50 years of research into computer programming education, Osmo coding is one of the easiest ways to introduce your kids or students to the world of programming. This learn to code game makes coding a creative, inspiring, and fun process. You’ll need a starter Osmo kit, free Osmo app and special coding blocks to get started, but once you have it all you can endlessly experiment with this educational yet fun game.

Robot Turtles Game & app

If your kids or students are a huge fan of board games, they will be excited to explore the world of programming with this fun Robot Turtles Game for kids ages 3-8. Being the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history, this unusual board game will make kids inspired little programmers eager to learn more about coding. You can also download additional materials such as an e-book or coloring pages on their official website.

Puzzlets Starter Pack with Free Programming Game: Cork the Volcano

Teach kids to think like programmers and prepare them for a successful future with this exciting Puzzlets coding game. With 120 puzzling levels for all ages and levels, your kids will have a month of fun all while acquiring essential coding skills. The set includes 22 Puzzlets along with a play tray, app, USB cable, and colorful start guide.

LightUp Tesla Kit – Learn to program

Use the magnetic blocks to teach kids key STEM concepts about circuits, programming, and engineering in a fun and simple way. The LightUp Tesla Kit Learning community offers thousands of guided tutorials, projects, and creative ideas online as well as the creations of other kids that may inspire you. With Tesla Kit, you can create infinite projects such as musical instruments or burglar alarms and bring them all to life with the power of code. 

Code Master Programming Logic Game

Here is another successful board game focused on programming. Made for a single player, the Code Master Programming Logic Game has 10 maps with 60 levels and suitable for both kids and adults of all ages. Along with learning how the coding process works, kids will build planning, sequential reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will definitely help them in the future.

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

This bright activity set will entertain kids for days while introducing them to science, technology, engineering, and math. The Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set includes a colorful maze and a mouse you can program with easy-to-use controls. Make a unique maze and let your mouse follow it in order to find a hidden cheese. With bright lights, fun sounds, and two speed options perfect for both floor or tabletop play, this learn to code game is ideal for both boys and girls of different ages.

Code Monkey Island

This colorful game along with a 32-page book that teaches basic programming syntax will be a great early introduction to computer science logic. Made by a talented 23-year old programmer, Code Monkey Island has a beautiful design, is used in schools all over the world and considered to be one of the best tools for teaching young kids programming.


codingfarmersIf you want your children to learn Java programming language in the future, this board game is the great option for kids ages 7 and older. Introducing Java and the most important programming concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand way, CodingFarmers will make kids and students inspired and curious about modern technologies.