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Top 8 Grammar Game Apps For Kids - Archived

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Grammar games for kids are a new way to engage and entertain, while learning the fundamental essentials of reading and writing. With the help of kids grammar apps, a child will learn how to express themselves correctly and unambiguously, so that they can talk to everyone, native or non-native English speakers, with a natural ease. The brain has a wonderful property that helps it rearrange garbled letters and decipher the correct meaning of the sentence, but there are still rules to be followed if we want to make sure other people will understand us every time. These rules are called “grammar” and for kids, grammar games are just a fun way to practice learning.

Speech with Milo: Nouns

by Doonan Speech Therapy


Jumbled Sentences 4

by Innovative Net Learning Limited

Sentence Ninja

by Smarty Ears

Pronoun Heroes

by Smarty Ears

iPractice Verbs

by Smarty Ears


Grammar Jammers Primary Edition

by Pearson Education, Inc.



by Cambridge English Online Ltd.

Fun English (SE): Language Lessons

by Studycat Limited