Top 10 VR Headsets Not Made From Cardboard

While the headsets from the Google Cardboard category are perfect for whetting your VR headset appetite, they are not very optimized for long-term use nor do they have many extra features. After trying them, many users will want a better and shinier VR headset that is sturdy enough to be used by children and classy enough that it can be shown to friends. This is where the following products come in.

These VR headsets can be rightfully considered the best on the market in terms of quality, price and performance, at least until we get truly high-end products such as Oculus Rift. Read on for the full list.

1. Homido

A wealth of apps on both the Google Play and Apple App stores and sturdy craftsmanship make this Homido headset a good investment. FreeHomido VR player app will equally well run regular, 3D and VR media. After the app is downloaded, choose the lens size, launch the app and place the smartphone into the headset. Alternatively, the screen can be accessed through the nose hole. This product even comes with a cleaning cloth for the lenses, which is a nice touch.

Go4D VR Headset2. Goggle Tech Go4D VR Image & Video Viewer

A niche goggle headset that allows viewing of 3D media over the smartphone at a reasonable price. The GO4D headset itself does not require electricity, but uses a complex system of gyroscopes and accelerometers to accurately track the user’s head position and adjust the image accordingly. Go4D works with many smartphone brands, including iPhone 6 and Plus.


3. Sunnypeak

sunnypeak vr headsetGood headset for any smartphone below 6 inches. The magnet ring used to hold the smartphone in place is the weak point in Sunnypeak and it is prone to breaking, especially if the magnet is mishandled. However, the upside is that Sunnypeak is by far the best headset for iPhone 6 Plus, even with the Otterbox case. Sunnypeak should be used primarily for Google Cardboard apps, rather than for watching movies. If this headset is used with a Nexus 5, the magnet will cause the phone’s screen to lock itself each time the headset is used.

4. Powis

powis vr headsetImagined as a continuation of the Google Cardboard project, Powis is a well-made product and a solid investment into a VR headset. Powis developers listened to customer complaints concerning assembly and have made their headset fully assembled out of the box. The slot will accept all smartphones up to 6.5’’, whether they are iOS, Android or Windows phones. One-touch button serves as a universal interface element that further simplifies the design while retaining the full functionality.

5. Dreamthinker

dreamthinker vr headset110 degree Fov lenses are an excellent addition to this otherwise high quality VR headset. Using the Dreamthinker is extremely pleasant and does not cause even the slightest degree of displeasure. A helpful line is already drawn on the headset to indicate where the midpoint of the smartphone should rest. In cases where you would rather not fiddle with an NFC tag or a magnet, a rudimentary Bluetooth controller will perform all interface-related tasks perfectly. Dreamthinker is intended for use with larger smartphones, such as the iPhone 6 Plus, and the smaller phones may not fit into the tray. In such case, a workaround is to pad the tray with strips of paper or other such material.


Excellent value offer that will satisfy the tastes of all family members. VIGICA product listed at this price is actually a combo deal consisting of a headset and a wireless gamepad, but each item can be purchased separately. Contains a rechargeable 400mA battery and a carefully insulated outer shell that prevents all light bleed. The controller is highly functional and works great with smartphones, consoles and PCs.

7. VR Box

vrbox headsetA wholly generic VR headset with no outstanding features. Any video played that is 3D and the phone software being able to perform 3D video playback are sufficient criteria for the normal operation of this headset. Features fully adjustable focal length and object distance. All smartphones with the screen sizes falling anywhere between 3.5’’ – 6’’ will fit comfortably into the VR Box, providing the user with a great VR experience. Lenses are made out of eco-friendly resin.


goodo vr headsetGOODO is a solid and functional VR headset that accepts a wide variety of smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches in size. Thanks to the generous foam padding around the headset edges, it is possible to comfortably watch even feature length movies with GOODO without experiencing major discomfort. It is recommended that the smartphone case is smooth, since then the headset’s suction cups will perform better. One common issue with GOODO is a slight amount of light bleed at the bottom of the headset, however, this problem is easily fixed by taping a piece of black tape over the offending edges.

9. Firebox

firebox vr headsetA plastic Google Cardboard headset that makes a great gift for a VR enthusiast or those who are yet to become one. Firebox sports an extra wide viewing angle for the ultimately immersive VR experience. All headset surfaces that come in contact with the skin are richly coated with foam as to prevent any possible discomfort or sweating. Not just VR and 3D apps, but any Youtube video labeled as “side by side” will suffice and provide the user of Firebox with the ultimate VR experience.


10. Archos VR Headset

ARCHOS VR HeadsetA very robust headset that takes Google Cardboard principles and hones them to perfection. Watch 2D movies in widescreen or peruse any of the numerous VR games and demos from the Google Play store, such as the Rajawali Virtual Reality Demo. Any smartphone will fit into ARCHOS and the headset itself is painted in matte black, giving it a very elegant and expensive look. Instead of magnets, the phone is held in place via two adjustable vice-like support structures that eliminate any possibility of an accidental screen interaction.