Best Free Book Apps & Discounts Today – Sept 30

Today’s best free book apps & discounts include; The Miniature Polar BearTrioStorFirst Words: The Animals – Learning to Grow Up!, The Emperor’s New Suit & Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard.

The Miniature Polar Bear

by Rogue Software

The Miniature Polar Bear

You might think a miniature polar bear would be easy to care for, but you’d be wrong. Just ask Jimmy, who finds one under his bed. This whimsical story about a mischievous boy is brought to life with reactive animated illustrations by a master of the craft, and features sound effects and multi-language voiceovers, all created specially for the interactive environment of the iPad.

Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations
Interactive animations on every page
Fun sound effects
Text and voiceover in multiple languages
Unique dual-language display
Easy-to-use interface
Charming characters
Lots of animals
A mischievous boy called Jimmy


by Ragubir Dhiman


★ An interactive book written and read by a teacher! ★

★ Standard iPad and iPad Retina graphics ★

Join a trio of friends on an exciting adventure through time and space as they solve a puzzle in the magnificent lands of Ancient Egypt.

Filled with sounds and animations, this interactive book also teaches about Ancient Egyptian life.

★ For Parents/Carers:

✓ This story has been written by a currently practising teacher of 3-11 year olds with over ten years experience.

✓ The teacher also reads the story; just like a shared story at school. Each word is highlighted as it is read to help develop vocabulary.

✓ The book aims to encourage improved writing through stimulating an interest in reading, whilst developing children’s knowledge of Ancient Egypt.

✓ Children learn about Pharaohs, beliefs and priests, the River Nile, shadufs and farming.

✓ This is also a great way to read with your child!

★ Story written to encourage a love of reading and expand vocabulary for writing
★ Each individual word highlights as the teacher reads
★ Vibrant interactions
★ 30 pages, each with animations/sound effects/music clips
★ Bookmark, sound off, change text style options
★ Viewable 1 or 2 pages on screen
★ Suggestions option- suggest another adventure for future books. Ideas will be sent directly to the author.

Parents/carers should check the story to ensure that they feel that the content is suitable for their child/any subsequent reader; responsibility for the suitability remains with the parent/carer.
This story and the characters in it are entirely fictional.

First Words: The Animals - Lea...

by Jose Saraiva

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First Words: The Animals - Lea...

FREE!! 3 DAYS ONLY! COMPLETE VERSION!! First Words: The Animals is a wonderful word recognition learning exercise, where toddlers can practice skills important for the literacy process (1-4 years).
Developed to complement learning in early childhood education, demonstrates pedagogical concerns over the proposed activities. Toddlers will love being encouraged to explore, discover and learn the names of animals through play and fun!
- Develops motor skills;
- Helps to recognize words and letters;
- Animations developed using pedagogical methodology;
- Learn the sounds of animals and food;
- With wonderful color illustrations;
- Surprise button!
- Coloring activities ;
- Sets activities;
- For children 12 months and over.
It is through play that children expands their world and expands their knowledge. First Words: The Animals helps the development of the senses, providing a delicious sense of discovery!

The Emperor's New Suit - Fairy...

by BulBul Inc.

The Emperor's New Suit - Fairy...

The Emperor's New Suit" is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. What happens when the emperor wears those clothes and walk into a street is both funny and unexpected.

We have interpreted “The Emperors New Suit” classic story in a modern way by designing it in the form of an interactive ebook application.

- Interactive storybook with great animations stimulating the imagination
- Professional narration and music create delightful ambiance
- Lovingly designed graphics and animations that bring characters to life
- Cute recognizable characters from your favorite story book
- Simple and intuitive interface
- Languages: English and Hindi.
- No Ads
- Fun animations
- Interactions
- Multiple Languages
- Parental gateway
- Wonderful music
- Read along background voices
- Learning through fairy tales, stories and books.

SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZA...

by Kidappers Ltd

SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZA...

***SON of the SUN teaches kids to be better people!***

- Children's Technology Review "Editor's choice"
- FWA "Mobile of the Day"
- App of the Week by Fun2Tap
- Bronze on App-Awards
- Editor's choice on Best Apps for Kids

Compatible with iPad 2 and higher. Optimized for Retina resolution.

"From developers featured in Mashable, Forbes, The Daily Beast, Esquire Magazine, BBC, Bloomberg TV and more!"

Featured on the iTunes Home Page in more than 90 countries.

"4.5/5" —

"89/100" — Appy Smarts

"With tons of fun sound effects, music, narration, and a puzzle that is also included, this app has a great deal of material to keep children engaged. Highly Recommended, 4.5/5" — Best Apps for Kids

"Each interactive page is vibrant and comes to life with every touch. I was amazed at the amount of interaction. Our Final Verdict: Great, 8.5/10" — App Store Arcade

"In a world full of fun and games its nice to find an app that supports building moral character and not just finger flying coordination. SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is able to combine a little bit of both in a fully animated ebook. 4.5/5" —The iPhone Mom

"A wonderful interactive tale for children. 8.6/10" — AppsZoom

"The gang over at KidAppers have truly raised the bar on interactive storytelling. They easily get an A+ from me." — Andrew, Mommy's Busy, Go Ask Daddy

"(KidAppers') message could help shape the new Ukraine" — Abby Haglage, The Daily Beast

"The animations are what set Sun of the Son and the Wizard Lizard apart from other story apps, both in number of animations and creative use of movement. This app is a good option for those parents who are looking for a well-written app that contains a solid moral lesson." — Julie Peterson, speech/language pathologist, Fun Educational Apps

This beautifully drawn storybook will enchant kids of all ages while teaching an important lesson: the value of forgiveness. Instead of the traditional hero vs. villain story, Son of the Sun teaches kids that sometimes people make mistakes, but can change for the better.

Son of the Sun combines an engaging storyline with unique interactive elements to encourage kids to explore every element on-screen.

Feed your child’s curiosity by encouraging them to roam around Son of the Sun’s intuitive landscapes, while they discover hidden objects, encounter interactive characters, create music, and put together puzzles, all while enjoying an amazing story!

Allow Son of the Sun’s narrator to guide your child through the journey, or let your child read on their own so they can improve their skills.

- 20 interactive slides
- 150+ animations and interactions
- 30+ minutes of unique musical arrangements
- 200+ enchanting sounds
- 15 lovable characters
- Fun puzzles with three different levels of difficulty

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