Learnhive Math Practice App On Edmodo LMS


In this Math Practice App, Learnhive – a Princeton based adaptive learning company, has comprehensively mapped and arranged all the Math exercises and game-based lessons according to the prescribed U.S. Common Core State (CCS) standards for Grade 1 through Grade 8.

Edmodo is the largest social platform for education with over 30 million users, where teachers and students can securely collaborate and use educational Apps for classroom learning and homework assignments.

The teachers, who use Edmodo to augment their teaching needs, can install this App by searching for “Math Practice” in the Edmodo store. Using this Math Practice app, the teacher can:

  • Select a Grade, view all Math Exercises for that grade, and have their students do them as class work or home assignments.
  • Search for Exercises related to a particular CCS topic and assign them to students to practice.
  • Print these Exercises and have their students do it on paper.
  • Review the individual answer sheets and reports of their students’ progress.
  • Track who has submitted their class work or home assignments, reward students with customized badges.

The Students can:

  • See the Math classwork or homework that is assigned to them and when it is due.
  • Attempt and submit their Math Exercises within the App.
  • Review their progress reports on how they performed on all their class work or home assignments.
  • Re-take the Math exercises for better understanding, which will give them a new set of similar questions.

A free “Math Practice Lite” App is also available on Edmodo, which offers a few sample math exercises for each grade so that the teacher can try them, before they buy.

In the upcoming months, Learnhive will continue to enhance and add more Math practice exercises so that the teachers have more math questions that students can practice from, and advance their academic outcomes in school.

Learnhive specializes in providing learning solutions for teachers and students that makes curriculum-based learning more effective and fun, and helping the students do better in school.

Source: Press release