The Sine of Good Teaching: Calculus OmniGuide for iPad


Before the new school year increases its amplitude, think about solving one of the most complex problems a student can face: making it through calculus class. One private school in California, Los Angeles, made a calculated decision to provide students with integrated eTextbooks called OmniGuides™.

Leaving aside any further inclusion of calculus terminology, the Calculus OmniGuide™ from Omninox Publishing is an iPad® book that offers 100 high resolution images, 60 examples, notecards and nearly 250 multiple choice and long answer questions with immediate and interactive feedback. It aims to combine the multiple materials involved in taking a class, such as a book, notecards, calculator, pen and paper, in one place. If you want to ride the wave of information (alright, a little more lingo was necessary), you can download OmniGuides™ on the iBookstore® for $14.99.


The school, where each student has an iPad to support his or her education, decided to use the Calculus OmniGuide™ as part of its efforts to incorporate more technology in supporting traditional curriculums. This trend is supported by a recent article on Mashable titled Most Students Want to Access Textbooks on Tablets, where a reported 71 percent of students who use tablets are interested in accessing textbooks on them.

Early feedback from students is promising, according to Ms. Monica Chan, the calculus teacher, who will be incorporating the OmniGuide™ into her curriculum. Chan said, “Using eTextbooks allow students to have hands-on activities as they can use their iPads to receive immediate feedback for their solutions.”

The OmniGuides™ are available on Apple’s® iBookstore® for high school students, college students and anyone who wants to learn more about Calculus or Physics. According to Yatit Thakker, co-founder of Omninox Publishing, teachers are also finding this all-in-one resource valuable in keeping the class organized and on pace for anyone who needs interactive review outside of class.

“Our OmniGuides™ combine physical things that students use—textbooks, notecards, calculator, pen, paper, and put them on the iPad® for students to use anywhere,” said Thakker. “While we are anticipating more organic downloads from students throughout the year, we are excited to see the decision makers in schools providing them for enhanced learning.”

Omninox Publishing has a Physics OmniGuide™ in the app store as well, with Chemistry and more coming soon. The young company actively involves students’ perspectives in creating the guides, and is hoping that success at Maranatha will inspire other schools to provide and promote the educational resources that are more accessible and entertaining to students.